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Through the years many women have had to fight to enter the world of science and technology. It has been a field dominated by men with only a few exceptions.

When you think about it, it seems odd to exclude women from a field they are already in. women have been the one to cook and clean and care for children since the beginning of time. All three of these takes a knowledge of science.

Cleaning uses substances such as chemicals to dissolve other substances. It requires a general knowledge of chemistry. Knowing what dissolves what stain is key. Also knowing what chemicals not to combine is part of that as well.

Cooking also requires an understanding of chemistry as well. Adding together ingredients and heating foods to change them is what cooking is about. To change one thing into something else is the heart of what cooking is. Just as a scientist adds chemicals together to make new chemicals so does a woman who cooks for her family.

The woman that cares for her children and family has a basic knowledge of biology and medicine. Knowing what cures a fever or what medicine to put on a cut is part of being a caretaker. Women also know when the problem can’t be solved using the family medicine cabinet or first aid kit. When a tummy ache is more than a tummy ache or knowing that a bone is broken is part of biology and anatomy. 

So why should we exclude girls and ultimately women from being in the sciences when they are already there. It seems silly doesn’t it?
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Linda walked into the house and sniffed the air. There was a distinct smell of food cooking. “Frank? Are you here?”

“I’m in the kitchen.” Frank called out.

“Good because I don’t think burglars cook when they break in.” Linda put her bag on the hall table and took off her heels. She padded to the kitchen then stood there in shock.

Frank turned with a smile on his face that faded when he saw Linda’s. “I’m going to clean it up.”

There were pots pans and bowls all over the counter. There was flour on the floor and something dripping off the edge of the island. Two egg shells had just missed the trash can in the corner.

“Oh god! I need wine.” Linda pointed her finger at him. “This better be cleaned up before you go to bed. What did you do? Did use every pot and mixing bowl I have?”

“I think there may be a bowl or two in the cabinet.” Frank sighed. “You’re going to love what I made. Go sit in the living room and I will bring you wine.”

Linda went to sit down and Frank brought her a glass of red wine.

“Dinner is almost ready.” Frank gave her a kiss on the cheek and went back into the kitchen.

Linda took a drink from the wine glass and sighed. It had been the longest week and she was finally free for the next two days.

Frank came back ten minutes later and took the glass from her. “Come sit at the table and eat.”

“Just bring it here and give me back my wine.” Linda said as she reached for the glass.

“Come get it.” Frank said as he walked to the dining room.

Linda sighed and got up. She was relieved when she saw the room wasn’t a mess like the kitchen.

The table in the dining room was set and the candles were lit. It was very romantic.

“Sit down and I will bring the plates.” Frank put the glass at her chair and went into the kitchen.

Linda sat down and waited.

Frank came back with two plates of beef stroganoff and steamed asparagus. He sat the plates on the table and sat down. “Surprised?”

“Stunned. I didn’t know you could cook.” Linda took a taste of the stroganoff. She was surprised how good it was. “Where did you learn to make this?”

“It’s my grandmother’s recipe.” Frank smiled. “I just wanted to share it with you.” He slid a small black box across the table. “Hopefully, I will be cooking for you a lot more when we are married.”

Linda put down her fork and opened the box. The diamond was small but the ring was beautiful. “Yes you will.”     
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My dearest Twyla,
You were my child for a brief time. I was devastated when you left me so suddenly. What made it worse was when I was told that there was something that could have prevented your loss and kept you from suffering.

Even though I loved you with all my heart, I was not the best mother to you. I regret not being more vigilant in my care of you. I should have known you were ill and I should have gotten you the care you needed.

You were brave to let me into your heart. I was so shocked when you took to me right away. I held you close to my heart and you became a part of it.

You were strong. Even in sickness, you gave me love. You were sick for most of your life and that should have never been allowed to happen. I should have never let that happen.

You were good girl and I couldn’t have asked for a better child. You made me smile even when you were doing something you knew was naughty. Your sweetness was you best quality. It’s what I will always remember about you.  

You mattered. Your life was precious just as every life is precious. You mattered because you loved and you were loved. You mattered to me, your sister, and your brothers.

I know this will not bring you back as you were but I had to get it off my chest. You are with the goddess in her temple now. It is an honor bestowed on the familiars of witches and their like.

I will see you in the eyes of another someday and I promise to be a better mother to you when that time comes.
Love, Your Mama
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The ivy clings to the ancient red brick walls. Three grand facades adorn the front of the building. Great windows arch up in height along the outer walls. Stone steps lead up to its heavy oak door.

Great halls and large room await those who enter. The purpose is unknown but the feel is regal almost royal.

Its lawns are littered with trees and shrubs. They are large and could host many types of events.  

Is it a place of learning? Perhaps it’s a manor house of a duke or an earl. One does not know its true purpose without stepping inside.       
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It was the height of summer and the bees were buzzing all around the flowers in the garden. They flew from flower to flower singing as they went about their work.

The birds congregated in the trees and spred their gossip as they tweeted to each other. Many different voices chimed in. One wonders if they understand each other’s language at a time like that.

Then suddenly one lone June bug flew through it all. His distinctive hum caused the birds to stop their gossiping for just a moment. Some were annoyed at the interruption but others were considering him as a meal. He flew off unaware or not of how close he came to being lunch.

The birds went back to their gossiping and the bees continued to sing through their work.

Summer is always a busy time for the little creatures in the world.

9. River

Dec. 2nd, 2016 10:36 am
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The river called
Help me! Save me!
No one listened

The river cried
Please! I’m dying!
No one cared

The river screamed
The river died
Then we died.
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NaNoWriMo 2016 Week 4
Word Count: 48334
Finished: Dark Realms #10, Dark Realms #11, Nanotide #9, Nanotide #11, Nanotide #12, Nanotide #15, Nanotide #17, Nanotide #18

My word count wasn’t great this week either. I lost a word war which makes it worse. It seems like I get to the end and fizzle. I’m so close at this point that I won’t give up. I need to keep pushing to reach my goal.

I now have less than 2K and I need to finish. Not just to win but for me. I need to prove to myself that I can do this. I bombed out so badly last year that it shook my confidence. 

On a positive note, I finished a lot of small things and two things for next month. Dark Realms is done for the year. I wish I could say the same for some of my other projects but I still have a month to finish up what I can before the New Year.

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Take a sip of life
A taste of the primordial ooze
We all came from it
We will return to it.
Someday we will be sip.
The life that is tasted
Everything in cycles
Everything in its own time
So take a sip of life
Taste it, savor it, then live it. 
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Ester ran into the cottage soaking wet from the pouring rain. She slammed the door and leaned against it.

“Where have you been, my child?” The old woman by the fire asked.

“I was out for a walk, Granny.” Ester wiped her face with her hands. “I was caught by the rain.”

“So I can see from that puddle growing at your feet.” The old woman pointed at the water on the floor. “Were you walking alone? You seem upset.”

“I… Granny! I am a grown woman.” Ester said as she moved away from the door.

“That is not what I asked you.” Granny wiggled her finger at her granddaughter. “Change out of those wet things and sit with me next to the fire. We can talk about who it is that you were walking with.”

“Granny, I didn’t say that I was walking with anyone.” Ester started to walk toward her bedroom but jumped as soon as someone started knocking loudly at the door.

“You might as well answer the door, my child, the truth is furiously knocking.” Granny grinned.

Ester sighed and opened the door. A tall dark man, just as wet as Ester, pushed his way inside.

“My darling, I’m should never have said what I did to you it was thoughtless and cruel.” The man put his hands on Ester’s shoulders. “I beg you to forgive me.” 

“What is your name young man?” Granny asked.

The young man was startled by the question. “I am Winston Hollows, madam. I thought Ester lived here alone.”

“She doesn’t.” Granny squinted at the young man. “Aren’t you a little far from the manor house?”

“Yes madam. I am sorry to intrude but I must speak with Ester in private.”

“What did you say to her to make her run out into that storm?” Granny stood up and grabbed her cane. “You have a carriage you could have brought her home properly.”

“I told her that I couldn’t marry her.” Winston hung his head in shame. “My father won’t allow it.”

“I see then she has no reason to forgive you if you don’t love her enough to make her your wife.” Granny started to walk closer to them. “You made promises that you had no intention of keeping and you are a cad. Now she knows your truth. Leave here and never come back.”

“Granny! Please!” Ester looked at Winston. “If you love me as much as you say you do then we can elope tomorrow. If you are too afraid to be your own man then leave and never come back.” Ester opened the door.

Winston nodded a goodnight to them both and left.

Ester waited three days for Winston to come to her then she closed her heart forever.   
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Word Count: 37613
Finished: Nanotide #7, Nanotide #8, Nanotide #13, Nanotide #16

It still doesn’t look like I have done very much but I am making some progress on my goals

I had some 0 word count days this week. Both days I was sick and couldn’t even concentrate on anything. Migraines are the worst when it comes to word count loss. What I need right now is a good hardcore word war.

I finished a few things and I’m almost done with my monthly commitments. That should give me more time to work on The Pile. I need to get more done and I need to stop starting new things. (Points at new Arrow/Flash/Batman fic for BBD)

I hope to finish at least one more thing from The Pile by the end of this. Fingers crossed!

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Episode 9
Once they go through the portal, Dallys’ question was answered. There were a few inches of snow covering everything.

Wincet looked over the cart. “Did you get everything on the lists?”

“I double checked while we waited for you to open the portal. Can we get out of the cold?” Dallys asked as she shivered. “I’m freezing.”

“Yes. Yes.” Wincet lead them back down the Traveler’s Bridge to the living quarters.

Tona was waiting in the meeting room when they arrived. “Nellis, I have something for you.” She held out a note.

Nellis took the note and read it. He laughed. “So that’s where you were. You were helping Izzie.”

“Yes and no. It was just a quick thing.” Tona looked at Wincet. “Should we tell them now?”

Wincet nodded. “You should do it.”

“I’m going home but it’s just for a few weeks. Izzie is coming to cover for me. When this thing I have to do is over, I will be coming back.” Tona glanced at Wincet. “With my husband.”

“You never mentioned a fiancé.” Dallys raised an eyebrow at her.

“It’s an arranged marriage.” Tona shrugged. “It was delayed when I left to be a mercenary but I just recently decided to go through with it. He is still willing to do it.”

“You’re going to have to tell me everything now. Can you get us invitations to the wedding?” Dallys pulled Tona by the arm down the hall to their rooms.

“Looks like you’re next, kitten boy.” Jace slapped Nellis on the shoulder.

Nellis blinked then grinned. “It will be good to have Izzie around for a while. Maybe she can make this her home base too.”

“We should have a little celebration.” Wincet grinned. “I have a batch or bang bang wine all ready to drink. Maybe the three of you can whip up something nice for dinner.”

“Uh.” Nellis shifted on his feet. “Wincet. I need to talk to you about something. We may have to put the celebration on hold until tomorrow.”

“Why?” Wincet gave Nellis a suspicious look.

“I literally bumped into an Exaltanese shifter. He told me that there are forty survivors of the destruction of Exalta. They’re on a moon of a gas giant in the Gax system. He wanted to know who destroyed his planet.” Nellis raised his hands in the air. “I didn’t tell him that I knew but I told him we could help him find out. I said I had to talk to you first.”

“What does he want to do? Hunt Trystana down and then what? Kill her?” Wincet gave Nellis a hard look. “I cannot condone killing. You shouldn’t have told him we will help him.”

“I agree.” Jace folded his arms and looked at Nellis.

“At least, I didn’t tell him who it was.” Nellis rubbed his head. “He said she needs to be brought to justice. I agree with that. Can’t we just get her and take her to them and let them sort it out?”

“Do you remember what happened when you went there to get the Star Breaker Wand?” Wincet looked at them. “People were killed.”

“Tona hasn’t killed anyone since then and we can be more careful this time.” Nellis insisted. “We have learned to work together and we can give the people that died on Exalta some peace.”

Wincet sighed. “We need to put it to a vote. Borne go get Tona and Dallys.”

Borne hurried down the corridor to their rooms and brought them back.

“Borne says we are going to take a vote on something.” Tona looked at the others as she and Dallys came in.

“Nellis wants to give Trystana to the survivors of Exalta for punishment.” Jace leaned against the table.

“I vote yes.” Tona sat down in a chair.

Dallys sighed. “What will they do to her?”

“We don’t know that but I would say they would probably kill her.” Jace looked at Nellis. “Their resources are limited and I don’t think they want to hold her as a prisoner.”

Dallys bit her lip. “I vote yes.”

“Dallys!?” Jace looked shocked.

“I vote yes.” Nellis said as he looked at the others.

Borne had been silent through all this. He finally spoke up. “I vote yes.”

“So the majority wants to turn her over to the Exaltanse.” Wincet nodded. “I will send you with our decision. Help them capture her but then I want you to come back. Let them do what they are going to do.”

“Rix said he will be back to his people within four hours. We should wait until he has had a chance to talk with his leaders.” Nellis suggested.

“Agreed. That is plenty of time to prepare a celebratory meal for Tona’s marriage.” Wincet looked at jace and Nellis. “I believe you two are on for cooking today.”

Jace nodded “Come on Nellis.”

Nellis followed Jace into the kitchen.

In less than an hour, everyone sat around the table eating a simple meal and drinking wine.

“What is he like, Tona? Is he a mercenary like you?” Jace asked.

“No he’s a scholar.” Tona pushed her plate back. “He doesn’t know anything about weapons. I suppose he could help Wincet when we go off world.”

“I would be happy for the help.” Wincet smiled. “It’s a shame we won’t be at your wedding. I haven’t been to an elven joining before.”

Tona shook her head. “His family is not welcoming to other races. They are barely welcoming to me.”

“Are you okay?” Jace asked Tona. “You don’t seem all that happy about getting married.”

“I’m happy. I’m doing what I should have done years ago.” Tona flashed a smile. “I will learn to love him in time.”

“Unless, he’s a bore then we can just leave him on a planet somewhere for you.” Nellis winked at her.

“I may take you up on that.” Tona laughed nervously.          

Wincet looked over at the clock. “Well, we need to get back to work. You have a meeting to get to. Gather your things and I will meet you on the Traveler’s Bridge.”

In a few minutes everyone was on the bridge waiting for Wincet.

Jace looked down at Nellis’ boots and his orange and black socks. “Nice socks. Where did they come from?”

“Izzie bought them for me on my birthday before I came here.” Nellis looked down at his feet. “I found them in my bag when I came back from Caspire. She must have packed them.” 

“Very snazzy.” Jace chuckled.

Borne looked down at Nellis’ feet with a frown.

“They’re hideous but I’m cold.” Nellis explained.

Tona looked down at Nellis’ feet and laughed. “Cute!”

Wincet looked at them then went to make the portal. “Come right back after your meeting and I will send you to Baikus.” 

When the portal opened on the moon Talvan and Rix stepped back. Neither had seen anything like it before.

“Are you sure these people can be trusted, Rix?” Talvan shaded his eyes from the glow of the portal. “They are outsiders.”

“Yes. I’m sure.” Rix looked at the older man. “The fact that they have kept their word to me proves that they are willing to help us. That’s enough for me.”

Nellis and the others stepped through the portal and walked over to where they saw Rix and Talvan standing.

“Hello Grandfather.” Nellis bowed his head. “I’m Nellis and these are my friends. We have some information to tell you and then we will help you bring the destroyer of your world to justice.”

“You are from Caspire. You are a shifter like us but you associate with these lower beings. He isn’t even a creature. He’s a machine.” Talvan looked confused. “Why is that?”

Borne blinked but didn’t say anything. He was used to being singled out because he was an android.

Nellis shifted on his feel and looked uncomfortable.

“Lower beings?” Tona stepped forward but Jace pulled her back and shook his head.

“Grandfather, these people are equals. They help others in need and they are here to help us.” Rix whispered in the old man’s ear. He turned to the group. “Please forgive Talvan. He has lived a sheltered life in the monastery. What can you tell us about the person who destroyed our home world?”

“We came to tell you that we know who was responsible for the destruction of your world.” Jace looked at the older man. “We took the Star Breaker Wand from her so that she couldn’t use it again.”

“Star Breaker Wand? That’s a myth.” Rix looked at Nellis. “Isn’t it?”

“It’s very real.” Nellis sighed. “We have now tucked away  in a safe place. The person that used it is Trystana of Baikus. She took it from the Metalis Alliance.”

“I remember that name.” Rix looked at Talvan. “She came to the Great Council claiming to be a priestess of great power. She wanted us to pay her tribute. The Great Council refused to pay her. That was several years ago. My parents laughed about her claim. They thought she was stupid to try anything so foolish on the Exaltanese.” 

“I was there. I was attending Councilor Marlken.” Talvan shook his head as he remembered that day. “She had some magick but when Marlken challenged her she was no match for him. He injured her severely and her men had to carry her back to her ship.”

“Then that is the why, who, and the how of it.” Rix took a breath. “Can you help bring her to justice?”

Tona looked at them both. “We are here to help you capture Trystana. Just one thing, we should only bring one or two of your men. There’s no need to send more than that.”

“I will go.” Rix looked at Tona. “There is no need for anyone else. I lost all that was my heart that day. I need to see this through.”

Talvan nodded. “Go with them and bring this murderer back to us. We will have justice and give peace and honor to all that perished that day.”

“What is the plan?” Rix asked.

“We go in and take her from her fortress.” Tona shrugged. “Then we bring her here to you.”

“Shouldn’t we make a plan?” Rix asked. 

“Just get your gear.” Nellis smiled. “We already know the layout of her fortress. We have been there once already.”

“I have all that I need on my person. When can we leave?” Rix asked.

“As soon as the portal is reopened, we will go to Centra and from there Baikus.” Jace told him.

Dallys turned and walked back to where the portal opened before. As soon as she got close another opened. She turned and looked at the others. “Shall we go?”

“How does your leader know when to create the portal?” Rix asked as he walked with Nellis.

“He watches for us with his scrying bowl.” Dallys smiled.

Nellis and Jace looked at each other and shrugged.

The Dark Army along with Rix stepped onto the snow covered Traveler’s Bridge where Wincet was waiting.

“Hello I’m Rix and you must be their leader.” Rix extended his hand to Wincet. “Thank you for your help.”

“I am Wincet and we are here to help those in need.” Wincet took Rix’s hand and shook it. “Now get ready and I will conjure the portal to Baikus” 

Everyone came to stand where Wincet was standing. Wincet opened the portal to Baikus. He looked directly at Tona. “Please be careful this time.”

Tona nodded. She followed the rest of the group into the portal.

As soon as they stepped through the portal on Baikus, they took cover in the trees.

“Dallys, Nellis, and Rix, you are up first. Get in and get a look around then come back. We’ll come in and grab her when you find her.” Tona told him.

Dallys became a point of light and took off.

Nellis turned into a mouse and scampered off.

Rix looked at the others then shifted into a hummingbird.

“That was an interesting choice.” Jace squinted as he followed Rix with his eyes.

“Obviously, he hasn’t used his shifting for nefarious deeds like Nellis.” Tona smirked. “I suppose his people aren’t natural born thieves like Nellis.”

“Nellis is unique. Izzie is not a thief and she uses her shapeshifting abilities.” Borne reminded them.

Jace chuckled. “Nellis says she is a lot of fun when she plays shifties with him. I have a feeling I don’t really want to know what that entails.”

Tona grinned. “No, you really don’t.”

Dallys was the first one back. She changed back to normal before she spoke. “The place has been closed up. There are sheets over all the furniture and the shutters are locked. I had to let Nellis and Rix in. They should be back any moment.”

Nellis and Rix came walking towards them already in their humanoid form. They had an older man by the arms between them.

Borne, Jace, and Tona came out of cover and met them half way near the garden wall.

“We found the caretaker.” Nellis nodded toward the old man. “He was in a small house in back. He isn’t saying anything.”

“Oh really? I haven’t asked him my way yet.” Tona pulled a dagger from her boot and held it to the old man’s throat. “Where is Trystana?”

“She was taken.” The old man looked at the blade. “The man came in the night. He was wearing a uniform of the Metalis Alliance.”

“A human wearing a Metalis Alliance uniform? Borne, is that even possible?” Jace asked.

“Yes.” Borne confirmed. “There are a few humanoids in the ranks but I don’t know of any that would carry out a mission on their own.” 

Tona backed the old man against the wall. “Where are the rest of the men? Where is Trystana? Tell me the truth this time.”

“I did. They have been gone for months. They were here but now they're gone.” The old man said. “The man came and took them. He came the last night of sadness. It was the time of mourning for the dead we found in the woods.” The old man struggled but Tona held him firmly against the garden wall. “He came in the night. It was all quiet then the door was open and the wind appeared, The candles blew and then they just disappeared.”

“Who was he?” Tona asked. “What was his name? Did you hear his name?”

“They called him Boc the Reaper.” The old man told them. “He’s a bounty hunter. Trystana was wanted by the Metalis alliance for stealing the Star Breaker from them. They saw the star explode and they knew it was her. So they came to take her away.”

“Then she’s dead.” Rix scratched his head. “The Metalis Alliance doesn’t put people in prison. They just kill them.”

“We’re sorry, Rix.” Dallys patted his arm.

“It just spares my people the trouble of doing it themselves.” Rix sighed. “I guess I should be thankful for that. I should be getting back I need to tell the others what we found out.”

“We need to get to the rendezvous point then Wincet will send you home when we get to the Traveler’s Bridge.” Nellis told him.

They all walked to the place they came into the forest and the portal opened. Rix looked around one last time before he walked through the portal.

Rix walked through the portal to the moon where his people were waiting.

“Did you not find her?” Talvan asked when he didn’t see anyone with Rix.

“The Metalis Alliance got to her first. She’s dead. She’s been dead for months.” Rix said to the crowd. “We may not have had the justice that we had hoped for but she has met her fate already. Let us mourn the dead and heal. 

Talvan nodded. “While you were gone, Rix, we decided to name this moon Avia. It has now become out sanctuary similar to the one written about by the Scribes.”

“I like it.” Rix smiled. “It’s a perfect name for our new home.” 

On a battle cruiser belonging to the Metalis Alliance. Trystana paced the floor of her cell. She had no idea why she was still alive. She should have been killed months ago. She knew she was going to die as soon as saw the uniform on the bounty hunter.

A commander walked up to the force field. “You failed to wipe out the Exaltanese. There are still some left. You failed your mission and you lost the Star Breaker. I would have killed you just for that but the General Tox wants you delivered to him alive. So I am keeping you alive against my better judgement. “

“I did as I was told.” Trystana walked toward the force field. “It wasn’t my fault that I lost the Star Breaker Wand. It was stolen when a group of mad men raided my fortress. They had a trained ursaur with them. They killed four of my men. We didn’t stand a chance against them. “

“Lies! I will let General Tox do what he likes with you. “The commander turned to walk away. I am sure whatever it is it will be unpleasant.  He is a very unpleasant man.”

“Please! Just leave me on some unknown planet and tell him I died in transit. “Trystana begged. “I know exactly what he has in mind for me. Please help me!”

The commander laughed as he walked down the corridor out of the cell block.

Trystana sank to the floor. She knew what was coming. General Tox would enjoy himself as he ripped her apart as slowly as possible.

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Dark Realms Episode #8/9: Sanctuary of Stone
Word count: 5393
Brought to you by puzzleprompts

Episode 8
Several months after the destruction of Exalta and its sun, a few dozen survivors gathered in a cavern on an unnamed moon to honor the home and the loved ones they lost.

The bird like creatures stood in groups with their heads down and wings limp at their sides. They were refugees on a moon with little to offer but air to breath and water to drink. Their hope was dwindling a little more each day that passed that their race would survive past the last of them now standing in the damp cavern

Talvan, the leader of the group, carried a worn book in his hands as he moved to the center of the cavern. He lit his candle from the fire in the center of the room and walked back to the others who came to form a circle around the fire. He touched his flame to the candle held by a woman holding on to the hand of her young son. She turned to her left and passed on the flame.

“Come now into the circle. Spread your wings, children. We are all that is left of a proud race. We are the Shifters of Exalta.” Talvan looked around. “It is up to us to restore the greatness of our people. We have that ability. It is our duty!”

“And what of revenge for the dead?” A voice called out from the back of the group. “Is that not our duty as well?”

“Revenge was never our way.” Talvan raised the book over his head. “It is written by the Scribes of Avia that those who would seek vengeance are lost and must be healed.”

“I am neither lost nor in need of healing, Grandfather.” The man belonging to the voice stepped forward. “My wife and my hatchlings were on our home world when they were burned alive by the sun being ripped to pieces in the sky above them. You say that we are the last hope to make our people great again. That I agree with but we have to seek justice for the dead so that they can rest in peace and with honor.”

“Rix please. Now is not the time to spread hate.” The woman reached out. “Antle would not want you to mourn her in that way.”

“Allam, you know nothing of what Antle would want.” Rix shook his head. “What Antle would want is for me to find the person responsible for this heinous act and bring them before the people that they wronged.”

“Rix, no one knows who that is.” Allam pulled her son closer. “There was no warning. Those of us in this place survived because we were not on our home world. We were out in the stars as our people have always been.”

“Then it is out to the stars I will return to find this evil and show it no mercy.” Rix turned to walk away then turned to “Allam. You have your son. I lost both of mine along with their sister and mother. When you have lost everything that was your heart then you will understand.”

Rix walked out of the cavern and headed for the cargo ship a few yards away.

“Wait! Take me with you!” A young man ran after him. “You can’t pilot that ship on your own.”

Rix sighed and turned around. “Valn, you can’t talk me out of my decision.”

“I don’t want to but our people will need supplies and food. You and I can find what we can as we search for this evil murderer and bring back food and supplies.” Valn opened his wings. “We must help our people. It is a priority.”

“Come along then and don’t make me regret this.” Rix turned and walked to his ship. “I shudder to think what your mother would have said if she had seen you talking it me.”

“There goes a nice boy who wants to do the right thing for his people.” Valn grinned as he followed Rix inside the ship.

“You mother thought I was trouble.” Rix sat in the pilot’s seat.

“That was because you used to steal apples from her shop.” Valn laughed. “Where do we start?”

“Kavel. There is an open market there. Someone is bound to know something and we can get food and supplies there too.” Rix grinned.

“Do you have currency?” Valn asked. “Because I don’t think that they are just going to give us food and supplies for nothing.”

“I raided the coffers of the First Prime when I went back to Exalta to see if there were survivors. I have plenty and if I need more I can just go back.” Rix told him.

Valn hesitated then asked what he wanted to know since the disaster that had taken their home world. “Rix, what did you see when you went back? Were there dead everywhere?”

“No.” Rix swallowed down his emotions. “The radiation from the sun exploding burned every living thing on the planet to ash. All that was left was destruction. We won’t ever be able to go back there. Even with a lead lined hazard suit, I was taking a risk going there.”

Valn fell silent as they took off from the planet.

On Centra, Jace stood at the side of the Travelers Bridge looking out over the water. He was so deep in thought that he didn’t see Dallys come up beside him.

The weather was getting colder now and the sky was full of slivery clouds. Both of them had heavy cloaks on but Dallys still shivered from the cold.

“I hope Kavel is warmer than here.” Dallys said mostly to herself.

“It’s always warm there.” Jace looked up at the sky. “It looks like it’s going to snow. I was beginning to wonder if this planet had more than one season.”

“Wincet says the snow can get knee deep at times. I have never seen more than a light dusting and a few flakes in the air.” Dallys shivered again under her cloak. “My planet is not usually very cold. I don’t like the cold.”

“My planet has all manner of weather from hot to freezing cold. It’s always changing.” Jace smiled. “That’s what I have always liked about it. You never get tired of it.”

“It sounds very interesting. I wonder if I will ever get to go there.” Dallys asked. “Do they have fae on your world?”

“No. We just have humans.” Jace smiled. “I don’t think I will ever see Earth again. It’s a good thing that I don’t have anyone back there to miss me.”

“No family?” Dallys turned to look up at Jace.

“No. They’re all dead.” Jace looked down at his hands on the railing. “My mum died of cancer just before I came here.”

“What’s cancer?” Dallys asked.

“It is a disease that wastes you away until there is nothing left to do but die.” Jace pulled the hood of his cloak up and turned around. “Where is everyone else?”

“Nellis and Borne were right behind me.” Dallys said just before she spotted them. “There they are.”

They walked up to where Jace and Dallys were standing.

Nellis handed Dallys a list. “You are in charge of the herbs. Jace and I are getting the rest and Borne is going to carry it all home.”

“Let’s get the shopping done so we can go back to saving the universe, shall we?” Jace walked over into the center of the bridge where a cart was waiting for them. “Where is Wincet?”

“I don’t know.” Nellis shrugged. He and Tona were in the workroom when he gave me the list. “I think we will have a mission waiting when we get back.”

“Good.” Jace nodded. “I don’t like to sit and do nothing for too long.”

“You’re starting to sound like Tona.” Dallys nudged Jace in the arm. 

Jace shrugged. “I’m just an intergalactic man of mystery saving the universe one planet at a time.”

“Jace, you are so full of …” Nellis jumped when Wincet tapped him on the shoulder. “Wincet! Hey! I didn’t see you there.”

“Shall we get on with it?” Wincet walked into the center of the bridge and opened the portal. “Make sure you get everything on that list Dallys.”

“Isn’t Tona coming?” Jace asked.

“No I have something I want her to do for me.” Wincet grinned mischievously.

Jace shrugged and pushed the cart through the portal to Kavel. The others followed him through.

Once through the portal, they walked the short distance to the open market and split up and went to get food and supplies.

Borne decided to go with Jace and Nellis. They let him push the car while they stopped at one vendor then another.

They were nearly done when Nellis bumped into a cloaked figure.

“Excuse me. My fault.” Nellis waited for the figure to respond. “Did you hear me?”

“Yes.” The figure pulled back his hood and looked at Nellis. “You’re a Caspirian shifter, aren’t you?”

“Yes. Are you an Exaltanese shifter? I thought you were all killed in the explosion of your star. I’m Nellis by the way.”

“I’m Rix. How did you know about the loss of our home world? No one here seems to know.”

“We were watching as the star exploded. That is, my friends and I.” Nellis pointed to Jace and Borne. “We are a group of travelers that work to make the universe a better place. We had been discussing a mission when we saw the explosion. How many of you kind are left?”

“About forty.” Rix took a moment to regain control of his emotions. “We were scattered on various ships and outposts when our world was destroyed. Now we are gathered on a moon circling a gas giant in the Gax system.”

“Forty?” Nellis shook his head. “There were millions on your world. Will you be rebuilding on the moon?”

“I don’t know. It’s a harsh place.” Rix shrugged. “I’m here on Kavel to get supplies and some answers.”

“Answers?” Nellis asked. He knew he shouldn’t tell this man what he knew until he had spoken to Wincet. To tell Rix would serve no good purpose.

“The person responsible for the murder of my people needs to be brought before us to face the consequences on his actions.” Rix sighed. “It’s the only way to give peace to the dead now.”

Nellis nodded. “My friends and I might be able to help with that but you have to speak to our leader. He’s back at our base on Centra. You could come back with us and speak to him.” 

“Thank you but I need to get everything we bought back to our people.” Rix pointed behind hip tp where several ships were sitting on the ground. “My copilot is loading the cargo ship now. How can I get in touch with you?”

Nellis thought for a moment. “How long will it take you to get back to the Gax system?”

“Four hours.” Rix told him.

“We should be done and back to Centra by then. I will speak to our leader and we will come to you. We travel by portal.” Nellis told him.

“That sounds quite handy.” Rix smiled.

“It can be.” Nellis grinned.

“Nellis, who is your friend?” Jace asked. He looked the creature up and down and frowned. It reminded him of an giant eagle.

“This is Rix. He is an Exaltanese shifter and Rix, this is Jace and the one with the cart is Borne.” Nellis looked around and spotted Dallys haggling with a spice merchant. He pointed her out to Rix. “That fae in the blue cloak is Dallys. We are one short today. She had an errand to run for our leader.”

“So many different races and you are all working together. That’s incredible.” Rix was amazed.

Valn ran up to Rix. “We’re all loaded. We should get back now.”

“This is Valn my copilot.” Rix glanced back at Valn. “We had better go. I hope to see you all very soon.”

Rix and Valn turned and went back to their ship and headed back to the Gax system.

“Nellis, what did you say to him?” Jace asked.

“I told him that I would talk to Wincet and see if we could help them find the person that destroyed their world.” Nellis saw the hard look on Jace’s face.” I didn’t tell him that we knew who did it. If I had, he would have just rushed off and got himself in trouble. There are only forty of his kind left I don’t want to be responsible for the death of another.”

“That was a very logical decision.” Borne said. “We need one more thing and then we can go. We need cabbage”

“There’s some down there.” Jace pointed to the cart. “You and I can go, Borne. Nellis can stay here with the cart and try to stay out of trouble.”

Just then, Dallys walked up and put her bag on the cart. “There! I am done. I like it better when Tona comes. She can get a good price without haggling so much. I think they are a little afraid of her.”

“We are all a little afraid of her at times. We’ll be right back.” Jace said then walked to the merchant with Borne.

“Jace seems annoyed with you. What did you do?” Dallys asked.

“I just made a new friend and promised to talk to Wincet on his behalf.” Nellis looked over the cart. “I can’t believe we go through so much in just a few months.”

“I didn’t recognize his race what is he?” Dallys asked.

“He is an Exaltanese shifter.” Nellis pulled at the bag of turnips. “Do you Remember the sun we saw blow up? It destroyed his planet. There are only forty of them left now. They are living on a moon in the Gax system.”

“Did you tell them about Trystana?” Dallys asked.

“No. I thought I had better talk to Wincet first.” Nellis looked over at Jace and Borne who were walking their way. “It looks like we are done.”

When Borne and Jace reached them, Borne put the cabbage on the cart and started to push the cart to the rendezvous point.

“Let’s go.” Dallys started walking in the direction Borne took. “I wonder if it has started to snow yet.”

Jace and Nellis looked at each other then followed her.

16. Dancer

Nov. 20th, 2016 11:14 am
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Trapped within her beauty
A dancer who is only a shell
Her beauty is but the darkness
Lurking trapped within convention
What lies underneath is not beauty
It is indescribable untouchable
Tired and bored from life’s struggles.
Seeking respite but never finding it.
It’s an illusion for the world to see.
The truth is hidden the spirit broken
Why must life be so difficult?
Death and life are a great battle.
Where is the beauty of light?
It has wasted away to nothing.
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“Bob, let me look at the map.” Susy sat down her backpack and held out her hand for the large unwieldy paper map. “I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.”

“There is no such place as Land of the Living Virgin Lookout. You brother is just messing with you.” Bob handed over the map. “If there is then it’s in another state park. It’s not on any trail listed on that map.”

Susy glared at him over the map. “You’re wrong. It’s right here.” Susy showed him on the map. “It’s right here where the waterfall comes off of the mountain.”

“That’s not it. That’s Make Out Point.” Bob looked at the map. “What the … well I’ll be damned. It is.”

“Told you!” Susy folded the map. “Now come on and let’s find the sign so we can prove it.”

“Then can we, maybe, make out a little?” Bob asked as he followed her up the trail

“Maybe.” Susy grinned as she walked a little faster.
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NaNoWriMo 2016 Week 2
Word Count: 27065
Finished: Nanotide #2, Nanotide #6, Nanotide #10

It doesn’t look like I finished much this week but I’ve been stuck in fan fiction land working on another Arrow fic. I’m still trying to keep the pace that I had when I started. I have some low word count days that I’m going to have to make up for somehow.

Yesterday, I had my lowest word count since I started. A friend and Nano buddy was having some trouble and I talked with her for a while on messenger. I hope I helped her work out what she was going to do in the end.

The good news is that I have passed the half way point I think this was farther than I got last year. I want to get to 50K and I’m still determined to do it.

Now back to the fic I’m working on!

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The time for holiday family dinners is coming soon. Turkeys and hams with all the trimmings will be laid out on the good tablecloth with the good china and the best flatware.

It will start out as a perfect day then someone says something they shouldn’t. It happens in every family, rich or poor, small or large. As soon as the words have been spoken the fighting ensues. It may be glaring looks or it may be raised voices but the day will be ruined because there is no such thing as a perfect day not even at the holidays 
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All good things come to those who wait or so they say. But why should we have to wait? Patience is a virtue but it is not the way to get what you want.

If you want something you have to go after it. You have to work for it. The universe is not going to bring it to you while you stand there patiently waiting for that good thing to come to you.

You must be proactive in what you want. You must control when and how something good comes to you. If you don’t, it will never come.
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“Here! Let me take that.” Jeff holds his hands out to take the bag of groceries from Darla.

“I have it.” Darla walked past him to her door. “What are you doing here in the middle of the day?”

“I’m working a few blocks over and I thought I would come say hello that’s all.” Jeff shifted on his feet and put his hands in his pockets.

Darla looked at him then turned to unlock her door. “Why are you really here? You have never left work to come say hello to me before. So what’s up?”

“Have you talked to Margie lately?” Jeff asked as he followed her to the door.

Darla froze for a second. She put the bag down and looked at him. “You are the guy she had over last night, aren’t you?”

“It just sort of happened.” Jeff looked at the ground. “It didn’t mean anything.”

“I don’t care!” Darla pushed him in the chest. “Never come near me again. I don’t need a man in my life that has so little respect for me that he has sex with my sister. Oh and don’t think I don’t know about the other women you’ve cheated on me with.” 

“Darla….” Jeff tried to look contrite.

“Go!” Anger flashed in Darla’s eyes. “I never want to see you again and this time I mean it.”

Jeff turned and walked away from the best thing he had ever had and he knew it was all his fault.      


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