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Title: Casualties of War (Part 1)
Fandom: Ogham-Duir (Original)
Characters: Princess Endora, Lady Starr, Grim Ranger
Author: [personal profile] sidhe_faerie
Rating: PG
Length: 767
Content notes: 38. None graphic depictions of dead bodies and war
Summary: Star embarks on a journey to find her husband Pyros the Phoenix

Casualties of War (Part 1)
The Phoenix and Thunderbird war was raging in the north lands. It had touched Ogham-Duir more than once.  It wasn’t just the young males that went off to war leaving families alone and worried, there had even been a battle on Dragon’s Peak near the roosting site for the females and the hatchlings.

Lady Starr’s husband, Pyros, left for war and hadn’t been heard from in months. She had gone to look for him on her own without success. This time she brought help. She brought the two people she trusted the most: Grim Ranger and Princess Endora.  

At Eagle Cliffs…..
The early morning mist evaporated as the sun moved higher in the sky. It revealed the long silent blood soaked battlefield that it had once hidden.

Enemy and victor alike lay rotting side by side in death. The battle had been over weeks ago but the dead still remained. Both sides were more interested in fighting another battle than burying their dead.

Endora pushed the hood from her head and looked around. “Starr! Grim! Where are you?”

Starr stepped over a body. “I’m here. Grim went back to the tent to check the roll sheet again. We’ve search the lower battlefield. Pyros isn’t there. No one has seen him for months.”

“Are you sure he was here?” Endora turned away from the bodies. “He may not have been at this battle. He may have gone out scouting.”

“No. The commander said he had been here.” Starr looked around again. “If his body isn’t here, he could be a prisoner. The commander said the thunderbirds have taken prisoners before.”

“How many of those prisoners have ever come back alive?” Endora had to ask the question. Even though the answer was something they both dreaded.

Starr looked down at the bloodstained mud on her boots. “None. Not one phoenix ever comes back alive. They are tortured to the brink of death then burned to rise again only to be tortured more. When the thunderbirds are done, they cut their throats and let them die with no hope of resurrecting.”

Endora took a step forward to hug her friend but Starr waved her off.

“I don’t need your sympathy. I need your skills.” Starr took out a ring from her pocket. “This is his wedding ring. He didn’t take it with him. Can you use it to find him?”

Endora nodded and took the ring. “I will see what I can do.”

“Thank you.” Starr bit her lip and looked around with tears in her eyes. “Why didn’t they at least bury them before moving on to the next battle? It seems cruel.”

Endora pulled the lacing from her tunic and put the ring on it. She whispered a spell that Aura had taught her and held the ring out. Nothing happened.

“What’s wrong?” Starr asked.

“It’s not picking up his energy.” Endora looked at the ring.

“What does that mean?” Starr threw up her hands. “Did you say the spell correctly?”

“Yes. I know the spell. I’ve used it before.” Endora sighed. “Either, he wasn’t here or it’s been to long for the spell to be of any use.”

Starr held out her hand for the ring. “This was the only place I knew he had been. I guess it has been too long for the spell to work.”

Endora took the ring off the lacing and handed it to her. “I’m sorry, Starr.”

Grim came rushing up. “I found the list of survivors. Pyros was on it. They went to the next battle at Red Bluffs. We may be able to pick up his trail there.”

“Then we go to Red Bluffs.” Starr sighed. “There will be more dead to search through and he may not even be there either.”

“Starr, we will find him.” Endora tried to be supportive but she knew that she was giving Starr a reason to hope when there was none. 

“I took a map. We can make Red Bluffs by morning if we get started now and walk all night. They are that way.” Grim pointed west then looked at the two women in front of him. “I assume you want to hurry.”

Endora pulled her hood back up. “Let’s go. We can try the spell again when we get there.”

Starr looked at them both and started walking west.

Grim and Endora exchanged glances. They knew that with all the time that had passed the likelihood of finding Pyros alive now was next to none. They knew it but they were not going to say it in front of Starr.

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Okay, so it's the middle of October and I still haven't got a clue what I’m writing this year for Nanowrimo. Why is it so hard to do this? It seems like I go through this almost every year.

On a happy note, I did find some world building notes in an old notebook but I can't get it fleshed out enough to use it this year. The soonest I would be able to use it would be next year, maybe. To be honest, I don't even remember what they were for. It looks like some kind of science fiction story. All it has are the races and a few general notes about an unnamed planet.

I do have another option. I could pick something out of The Pile and go for it but I don't think anything in there is going to reach 50 thousand words. I could just work my way through it, or, at least, try to. I tried that last year for my novel but I crashed and burned. I wanted to get the word count and finish things but somehow it didn’t work out.

So, if I do go with The Pile, will it be all original fiction or all fan fiction? I would prefer original fiction. It seems more appropriate for Nanowwrimo than fan fiction. The point of Nanowrimo is to create something original and new not a redo of someone else's story.

My third option is that I could also try to come up with something in the next two weeks. That is easier said than done or I would have done it already.

I'm not sure what I should do. I have two weeks to decide. It's not much time but I have to decide on a plan and stick to it. I just hope i don't crash and burn again this year
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Title: The Perfect Potion
Fandom: Ogham-Duir (Original Universe)
Characters: Endora, Aura
Author: [personal profile] sidhe_faerie
Rating: PG
Length: 593
Content notes: Amnesty week 35. Experimentation (character death)
Summary: Endora goes to visit Aura while she is making potions.

The Perfect Potion
Endora sat on a stool in Aura’s kitchen watching as Aura poured various potions into bottles. “How is it that you know what to put in each bottle?”

“I trust my instincts mostly. Sometimes, I experiment with different ingredients until I find what works.” Aura capped off another bottle. “I was trained on healing herbs so it isn’t that difficult to figure things out.”

“You were trained from childhood. I’m just starting to learn.” Endora picked up a cinnamon stick. “To me this is what Dionne puts in my warm cider to you it’s something entirely different.”

Aura looked at what she was holding. “Its good grated on oatmeal too. Dragas won’t eat a bite until I put it on his oatmeal.”

“For a prince, he is certainly picky.” Endora laughed.

Aura stopped what she was doing and looked at her sister. “Are you going to tell me what happened on the quest or do I have to ask Starr?”

“He shouldn’t have come with us. I shouldn’t have let him.”

“Endora, he made his own decisions. You went off to war with no experience once.” Aura took a steaming pot of cider off the stove and poured it into cups.

“I had some.” Endora put the cinnamon stick down on the table. “The rest was training from Grim, Starr, and Pyros. Like you, I used my instincts in battle and experimented with my powers to see what they could do to defeat the enemy.”

“So I guess we both experiment with our gifts.” Aura set a cup of warm cider in front to Endora. “Here use your instincts on that.” 

Endora picked up the cinnamon stick and dropped it into the cup. “I don’t think he had instincts. I thought he would find cover when I pushed him out of the way but he didn’t.”

Aura reached over and put her hand over Endora’s. “Stop blaming yourself. Drink your cider then help me with the salves. I have about three dozen orders.”

“Sure.” Endora took a sip of the spicy cider and watched as her sister portioned off herbs for the salves. It didn’t matter what anyone said she would always take the blame for what happened to Paddrick.

When Endora was done with her cider, she put the cup in the sink and took the wooden spoon from Aura to stir the oil in the large cauldron for the salves.

Aura dropped in this and that until she was satisfied. When she decided it was ready, Aura strained the herbs out and put the salve to cool in clay pots.

“There! They need to cool and then we can take them around.” Aura sat down on another stool. “How about some lunch? There is this recipe that I have been tinkering with. I would love to see what you think.”

“I would love to.” Endora smiled. “As long as you warm up some more cider.”

“Coming right up!” Aura pointed at the jug of cider and it lifted in the air to pour into the pot. A bundle of spices flew over and dropped into the pot as well.

Three hours later, they were both putting on their cloaks to deliver the medicines.

“Aura, I’m glad I came to visit today.” Endora said as she picked up one of the baskets.

“I’m glad you did too.” Aura picked up the other basket. “Let’s get this medicine delivered and then we can go see Victra.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Endora opened the door and held it as Aura walked out.

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Title: Her Father's Sword
Fandom: Ogham-Duir: Book of the Tuathe (Original)
Characters: Endora, Dionne, Captain Janlou
Author: sidhe_faerie
Rating: PG
Length: 809
Content notes: 36. Sharp Warning! mentions of past character death
Summary: The melee is coming and Endora has to get ready.

Her Father's Sword
The annual melee was approaching and Endora found herself getting excited for the first time in a long time. She had some preparations to make before the tournament. There was armor to inspect and a team to train but her favorite part was cleaning her sword.

Endora's melee sword was different from her other weapons. It wasn't decorated and there was no crest on the hilt. It had been her father's sword. It was the one he had carried in battle the day he fell.

Endora didn’t remember much about her father. Micah died in battle when she was still young. She did remember that he loved her. That was all she needed to know.

Endora took the sword wrapped in heavy silk out of the cupboard. She carefully unwrapped it. She checked it for rust and damage. She was relieved when she found that there wasn't any.

She glanced at the ancient wooden box that had been next to it on the shelf. That held a different kind of sword, a queen’s sword. That sword had cost her dearly. It cost her the life of her betrothed and it was now a symbol of her grief.

Endora closed the cupboard door and walked over to the table. She picked up a cloth and started to polish it. She wouldn't sharpen it. Melee blades were required to be dull.

Dionne looked at the sword Endora was holding as she walked in with the midday meal. “I can't believe it's that time again. Has it really been a year?”

Endora smiled. “A lot has happened since the last melee.”

Dionne put the tray on the table. “Endora…”

“I know. I’m alive and I have my duties.” Endora looked at her reflection in the blade. “I wonder how I’ve managed it. I have fought in battles for others and quested many times. I’m still alive. Paddrick is not.”

“No, he isn’t but I don’t think he would want you to stop living because he’s dead.” Dionne took the dishes off the tray. Just like when your father died, your mother found the strength to go on. You must find it too.”

Endora smiled. “My mother never loved my father. She was forced to marry him because she needed an heir. I loved him. He may have been just a column leader but he was a great warrior to me.”

“Now you’re the great warrior.” Dionne poured water into a goblet. “Have the teams been chosen yet?”

“Yes. The list was posted yesterday.” Endora laid the sword on the table. “Hux and Sanum are on my team. Captain Janlou’s team doesn’t stand a chance.”

How many officers signed up? Dionne asked.

“Only one.” Endora picked up a slice of bread and spread starrberry jam on it. “Commander Fawnard. He was just promoted a few months ago. I’ve never met him but Captain Janlou speaks very highly of him.”

Dionne picked up the sword and looked at it then put it back on the table. “He would be proud that you use his sword.”

“I hope so. I’ve have always tried to live up to my warrior heritage.” Endora took a bite of bread. She looked over towards the cabinet.

Dionne followed Endora’s gaze. “I know what you’re thinking. Paddrick would be proud of you too.”

Endora looked down at the plate in front of her. “He would have never understood what it means to be a warrior. I don’t know why i didn’t see it before.”

“You were in love.” Dionne reached over and patted her hand. Eat. You’re going to need all your strength for the melee. Captain Janlou won’t let you win, you know. You will have to be sharp witted. He will make you work for it.

Endora smiled. “I have my father’s sword. That’s all I need to win. He will be with me on the field of battle. I’m the granddaughter of Dagda the White, General of the Tuathan Army and the daughter of Micah, leader of the third column. I cannot be defeated!”

Dionne laughed. “That’s the spirit!”

Endora picked up her father’s sword and turned it in her hand. “I think I’m actually looking forward to Janlou’s surrender.”

“I will never surrender!” The older Captain Janlou said from the doorway. “I came to bring you the troop evaluations to look over but maybe I should have brought my sword instead.” He walked in and put the papers on the table. “I see you are using Micah’s sword again this year. You are going to need more than some luck and your father’s sword to beat my army, Highness.

“We shall see about that!” Endora laughed.

Captain Janlou bowed. “Yes, we shall. Good day Highness.” He walked out the door still chuckling.

Endora nodded and looked at her father’s sword. She was up for the challenge.

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Dark Realms 5: The Duchess of Fel
Word Count:  4017
Brought to you by puzzleprompts

Wincet called everyone together in the Vision Cave. “We have a mission. The Duchess of Fel is going to attack the Metalis Alliance outpost on Greeda. We need to stop her.”

“It sounds like she’s doing us a favor so why should we try to stop her?” Jace asked.

“It’s because that outpost is in the middle of a human settlement.” Borne told them. “The humans are there to keep anyone from destroying the planet.”

“I get it. No one wants to kill all those people just to get at the outpost.” Jace nodded. “There are sickos on Earth that do the same thing.” 

“What does a ‘sicko’ look like?” Nellis asked.

“They’re human but they are the lowest of the low. Cowards really.” Jace explained.

“I think every militia uses that tactic to some degree. I saw if far too often when I worked as a mercenary.” Tona put her hand on the knife at her belt. “Just point me in the right direction and I will take care of this. It sounds like she just needs to be taken out.”

“That wasn’t what I was suggesting. The Duchess of Fel is a resourceful woman. She wouldn’t hire a mercenary like you. She prefers to enslave her soldiers with spells and potions.” Wincet explained. “She’s been out there for years not causing any trouble until recently. She lost the love of her life. He was killed by the Metalis Alliance for not surrendering his vessel when told. They blew him and the ship up. That is why she is targeting them and Greeda is the most vulnerable of all their outposts.”

“She’s grieving. No one makes a rational decision when they’re grieving.” Dallys looked around the room and realized that everyone there knew exactly what she meant. “What are we going to do?”

“I was thinking that one of you could go undercover and act as a saboteur on the ship while the others sabotage the weapons on the ground.” Wincet looked at Nellis. “I would send you in with a partner of course.”

“Why are looking at me?” Nellis took a step back from the group. “I’m not going to like this plan, am I?”
Wincet sighed. “The Duchess has a fondness for cats. If the stories that I have heard are correct, her ship is teeming with them. Nellis you are the logical choice. She won’t be able to resist another cat.” 

“I’m a Caspirian shape shifter, now a cat.” Nellis shook his head. “Cats run around naked, drink toilet water and lick themselves in public. No! Find someone else to do it. Tona can glamour into anyone. Send her.”

“Look Nellis, if you’re worried that some girl kitty will fancy you, it’s never going to happen.” Jace laughed.

“We need to give him a bath.” Tona picked something out of Nellis’ fur. He’s going to need a good brushing too. He’s sort of matted in spots.”

“Wait a minute! I haven’t agreed to this.” Nellis started to back away from the group.

Tona and Jace looked at each other and then tackled Nellis.

“Suck it up, kitten boy. You have a space ship to sabotage.” Jace said as he and Tona picked him up off the floor and carried him to the showers.

“What are we going to do while he’s on the inside?” Dallys asked.

“I want you to go in with him. Stay a point of light as much as you can and stay out of sight.” Wincet said. “Borne, I need you to monitor the communications of the outpost.”

“Of course.” Borne nodded. “I will search for the frequency now.”

“How are we getting on board a space ship?” Dallys finally asked.

“I will open a portal on the ship. It will be tricky but I can do it.” Wincet tapped the table. “Once we get the ship on the ground then I can portal you back from there.”

“I hope you’re thinking of landing it not crashing it.” Dallys looked worried.

“I am. I need to get my supplies for the portals. I will meet you all at the Travelers Bridge.” Wincet walked off.

“Borne, why do I get the feeling this is going to end badly?” Dallys looked up at the android.

“Nellis is unpredictable and illogical.” Borne confirmed her worst fears.

“Wonderful!” Dallys threw her hands up and went to get ready to leave.

It was almost two hours later when everyone assembled at the Travelers Bridge to leave. Jace and Tona were going to the planet to do surveillance and disarm the ground weapons while Dallys and Nellis were going on board the ship to sabotage it.

Jace and Tona walked through the first portal onto Greeda. They appeared just outside of the outpost and. had to take cover immediately.

Four soldiers from the Metalis Alliance came around the corner and almost caught them as they walked out of the portal.

“That was close.” Tona looked out from behind the crate they had ducked behind. She rubbed her sweaty hands on her thighs. “Wincet didn’t say it would be so hot here.”

“Too close. Borne didn’t say anything about patrols. This is going to be harder than we thought.” Jace pulled a dagger from his jacket. “We need to get to the control room and disable the weapons. We should do it quickly before we melt. This heat is unbearable.”

“Wait. I think I have an easier way to get through the patrols.” Tona put her hands over her face and whispered something when she took them away she looked like an android.

“Neat trick.” Jace smiled. “Let me guess. I’m the prisoner.”

Tona stood up and grabbed Jace by the arm. “That’s what they will believe.”

Tona was right. She marched Jace into the outpost and down the hall toward the holding cells without being questioned. Before she got to the cells, she took a left. There was a maintenance closet at the end of the corridor. She pulled Jace inside and turned on the light.

“Bloody hell! It’s just as hot in here as it was outside.” Jace wiped the sweat off his face. He looked over the circuits on the wall. “Now we need to find the power source of the weapons. Can you read any of this?”

“It’s the one to your left. It says pulse cannon.” Tona pointed to a large switch on the wall.

Jace laughed and moved the switch to the off position. “Who would have thought that when I left London I would be living like Doctor Who? Pulse cannon deactivated.”

“Who is ‘Doctor Who’?” Tona asked.

“One night, when we aren’t busy, I will tell you all about Doctor Who. Right now we need to stay quiet and out of sight.” Jace reached over and turned out the light.

Dallys and Nellis walked out of the portal into a cargo hold. They looked around and didn’t any crew. The only beings around were about a dozen cats.

“You’re going to have to shrink and walk on all fours to blend in.” Dallys looked him over. “They did a nice job brushing out those mats. You fur is really shiny.”

Nellis sighed. “They brushed me within an inch of my life. Nellis pulled at the yellow ribbon on his neck. “This is humiliating.” 

“Nellis? Nellis is that you?” A voice across the room whispered.

“Did you say something?” Nellis looked at Dallys.

“No. It wasn’t me.” Dallys looked around. “I don’t see anyone.”

Suddenly, a black cat stood on its back legs and grew in size. “I thought that was you. I’ve been looking for you.”

“Izzie? What are you doing here?” Nellis asked. “I thought you were on Caspire.”

“I was but there has been a rash of disappearances and I volunteered to check it out.” Izzy looked at him. “I haven’t seen you look that pretty since we were in school. Love the ribbon. Yellow was always your color.” She turned to Dallys. “His mum would brush him just like that for portrait day.”

Dallys giggled.

“Don’t tell her that. Why are you here? You’re not an investigator or anything.” Nellis asked.

“No but I am one of the ones missing a loved one. That’s you, by the way.” Izzie sighed. “What are you doing here and what was that thing you just came out of?”

“It’s a portal. That’s how we travel around.” Nellis nodded towards Dallys. “This is Dallys. She’s a part of the Dark Army too.”

“Dark Army? Nellis, what have you gotten yourself into now?” Izzie put her hands on her hips and glared at him.

“No time to explain it all now.” Dallys cut in. “Do you know where the power grid is? We need to disable the ship when it gets to Greeda.”

“Yes.” Izzie looked at Nellis. “You’re going to have to shift to get around. You might want to stay here and hide.”

“I’m a fae. I can make myself small and stay close to the ceiling.” Dallys took a deep breath and turned into a point of light.

Nellis shrank a little then dropped to all fours. “Let’s go.”

Izzie returned to her cat form and led them out of the cargo hold and down the corridor to the auxiliary power control room. Izzie returned to her normal size and waited for the others to do the same. 

“No one is ever in here.” Izzie told them. “This is the backup to the backups but you can access everything on the ship here. Do you know what you’re going to do the ship to make it crash?” 

“Hopefully, we are going to make it land not crash.” Dallys said as she went over to the control panel. “Watch the door, Nellis, just in case.”

Nellis nodded. He stood next to the door and opened it a little to look out.

“Nellis, where have you been?” Izzie asked.

“I stepped through one of those portals and I found myself on another planet.” Nellis glanced back at her. “There was a sorcerer there. He summoned us. He wants to protect the universe from dark forces. So I go on missions with the others and fix things.”

“Are there any other shifters with you?” Izzie asked.

“No. I’m the only one.” Nellis shook his head. “How many are missing?”

“Twenty. I found ten so far but they were dead.” Izzie put her hand on Nellis’ chest. “I was afraid I would find you dead too.”

“What killed them?” Nellis asked. He didn’t look at her hand on his chest. If he did then he would give away how much he missed her.

“They were poisoned. I don’t know who is doing it yet.” Izzie took her hand off his chest. “I came here after I heard about the Duchess and her cats. I was hoping some of the shifters were hiding out here.”

“When we get done with this mission, I want you to come back with me and talk to Wincet, the sorcerer. He will help you.” Nellis smiled at her. “We all will.”

“Thank you.” Izzie gave him a kiss on the lips.

“We are almost to the planet. It looks like I can turn off weapons and disable the engine from here.” Dallys raised an eyebrow at the two shifters that were gazing in each other’s eyes. “Nellis, did you hear me?”

“Huh?” Nellis looked over a Dallys. “Yes I heard you. Just do it.”

“Yeah.” Dallys wrinkled her nose. “This may get a little bumpy.”

On the planet below, Tona and Jace heard a commotion outside the door. Tona turned off the light and opened the door a crack to hear what was being said.

“Hurry to the weapons! There is a ship in orbit and they are about to attack.” One of the soldiers yelled to another.

They could be heard running down the corridor when Tona closed the door.

“They’re here. Now all we have to do is wait.” Jace wiped his brow. “And sweat.”

“This is too easy.” Tona frowned. “They should know by now that the weapons are off line. Borne would have figured it out by now. Why can’t they?”

“Maybe the upgrades in the newer models took some of their sense away.” Jace shrugged. “Borne seems almost human sometimes.”

Tona smiled. “Yes he does. We better make sure the weapons are really off line. We need to find a control panel.”

“Unless you can glamour me, I should stay here.” Jace said.

“Fine. I’ll be back.” Tona opened the door and slipped out.

On the ship, Nellis, Dallys, and Izzie were still in the control room. The ship had begun its descent. It was shaking and it felt like it would come apart any minute.

“Dallys, what did you do?” Nellis asked. “It’s going to crash.”

“No its not. There is plenty of time to bring the engines back on line.” Dallys looked at the panel in front of her. “I think.”

“Great! I’m going to die naked with a yellow bow around my neck.” Nellis sighed dramatically. “There is someone coming.”

Nellis and Izzie shifted into cats and Dallys became a point of light.

The door opened and a man picked up Nellis and Izzie. “What are you two doing in here? Did you get shut in by accident? I better take you to the Duchess. She wants you all on the bridge.” He walked out with them and closed the door.

Dallys took her normal form as soon as he left. She had to keep the weapons off line but the engines needed to come back on before they crashed.

Nellis resisted the urge to bite the man as they were carried down the corridor. He looked over at Izzie and caught her winking at him.

The man turned into a room at the end of a long corridor. The walls were covered in gold curtains and there were pillows all over the floor. On the floor near the large throne like chair were several dishes of food. Along one wall there were several men at control panels. Music filled the room from a woman playing a harp near the door on the opposite wall.

The man bowed. “Duchess, I found two more.”

“Ah! Bring them here.” A dark skinned woman practically purred. She took them from the man. “Come here my darlings, are you afraid?”

The man bowed and made a hasty exit.

The woman rubbed Nellis’ head then gave him a kiss on his cheek. She then gave Izzie a cuddle. “There is some nice fishy in the dishes. No worries now! Just have a nibble.” She put them down near several large dishes of something smelly. “Good kitties.”

A man standing near a control panel on the other side of the room called out. “Duchess, the engines are back on but the fuel is low. We are still leaking fuel. We have to land and fix the leak before we can continue with your plan.” .

The Duchess hissed. “Then find us a place to land. I will send in some soldiers instead. Either way that outpost will crumble. I will not be disappointed. I will have my revenge.” 

“Now what?” Izzie whispered.

“We didn’t plan on her sending in troops.” Nellis whispered back. “I can’t get word to Tona and Jace about the change in her plan. This is not going to end well.”

Somehow, the crew of the ship managed to land without crashing them into a mountain. From one of the windows on the bridge, Nellis and Izzie could see that the outpost wasn’t very far away.

“We have to get out of here.” Nellis whispered as he looked around. “What is behind all these drapes?”

“There’s a door to the galley. We can get out that way. Come on.” Izzie led Nellis through one of the drapes to a door.

The door opened automatically and they found themselves in a large galley. There were tables set in long rows and the room smelled of cat food and steamed potatoes.

“I’m never eating fish again.” Nellis rubbed his nose against his shoulder. “This place reeks.”

“You always were a light weight.” Izzie led him to the door on the opposite side of the galley. “The soldiers will be going out this way. There’s a hatch at the end of the corridor. That’s how I got in.”

“We have to get Dallys first. We can’t leave her behind.” Nellis reminded her .

“Then we had better hurry. We can turn into birds once we are outside and get to the outpost faster.” Izzie looked up and down the corridor before she went through the door. “Stay close. This ship’s layout is a little confusing.”

Nellis followed as close as he could.

They got to the control room and opened the door. Dallys dropped down from the ceiling and took her normal form.

“I said it wouldn’t crash.” Dallys grinned.

“We need to get to the outpost and find Jace and Tona. The Duchess is sending troops in place of an orbital attack.” Nellis told her. “Izzie can get us out of here.”

Dallys took her form as a point of light again and followed them out of the room.

“This way!” Izzie led them down to the corridor by the galley.

By the time they got to the hatch, it was open and several soldiers were forming ranks on the ground beside the ship.

Izzie and Nellis shifted into turtle doves and took to the air with Dallys close behind as a point of light. They flew directly to the outpost.

Tona had found a control panel in a small room closer to the barracks. She was relieved to see that the weapons were down. She was just about to return to Jace when an officer caught her.

“Soldier, get back into uniform and report to your commander.” The officer ordered. “There are hostiles coming toward the outpost. You need to be ready to fight when they get here.”

“Yes sir.” Tona stood at attention and prayed that the officer didn’t look too closely at her.

“Carry on!” The officer walked off.

Tona breathed a sigh of relief and rushed back to where she left Jace. She opened the door and slipped inside.

“Finally! I think I’ve lost a stone while I’ve been in here.” Jace wiped his face. “Do you know if they managed to land the ship?”

“Yes and now the Duchess is sending her army to attack the outpost.” Tona grabbed him by the arm. “We have to warn the people around the outpost.”

“How do you propose we do that?” Jace asked as tona pulled him through the doorway into the corridor.

“They have to have a weather siren or something we can use to sound an alert.” Tona dragged him outside and looked up at the tops of the buildings. “There! That’s a weather siren. They have one on my planet. When it sounds the people go to their assigned bunkers to wait out the storm. I’m sure they have the same set up here.”

“How are we going to get there from here?” Jace asked.

Two turtle doves landed at their feet and turned into Nellis and Izzie. A point of light followed them then turned into Dallys.

“We are so glad we found you. The Duchess is sending her army to take out the place.” Nellis told them. “We have to do something.”

“We know.” Tona eyed the stranger. “Who is she?”

“This is Izzie. She’s an old friend.” Nellis introduced her. “She was looking for missing shifters on the Duchess’ ship.”

“Nellis, can you shift back into a bird and turn on the weather siren.” Jace asked. “We need to get the people to safety.”

Izzie laughed. “Of course he can. He and his troublemaking friends used to do it all the time.”

“I’ll be right back.” Nellis shot Izzie a glare before he turned back into a turtle dove and flew off.

“So, how long have you know our Nellis?” Jace asked.

“We grew up together. We were even engaged once.” Izzie smiled. “He has always been in trouble of one kind or another that was why we called it off. Shortly after that, he disappeared.”

Tona and Jace looked at each other and laughed.

“You realize they are going to tease him about that now.” Dallys told Izzie.

“I can’t believe kitten boy was engaged.” Jace shook his head. “Were you drunk?”

“I was in love.” Izzie smiled. “I still am or I wouldn’t have taken on the task of finding the missing shifters.”

Suddenly the weather siren came on and people started to pour out of buildings and head for the storm bunkers.

“We had better make sure everyone is down there.” Tona looked down the street. “Dallys and I will take this side you and Izzie take that side. She pointed east. Nellis can catch up with us when he gets back.”

A dove landed and turned into Nellis. “I’m back. I’ll go with Jace and Izzie.”

The groups split up and checked to make sure all the houses were empty on either side of the outpost.

“So Izzie who called it off? You or him?” Jace asked.

“Don’t answer that!” Nellis looked at Izzie. “He just wants more to tease me about.”

“Don’t ruin my fun, kitten boy.” Jace gave Nellis a little shove on the arm.

“Kitten boy?” Izzie giggled. “That’s cute.”

“When is the portal? I want to get out of here before the fighting starts.” Nellis changed the subject.
Jace looked at his watch. “We have a half an hour. Let’s get this done I don’t want to be here when they start either.”

Tona and Dallys walked through their side of the settlement. “Do you trust her?”

“She helped us get around on the ship and I think she’s still in love with him.” Dallys answered. “I don’t feel uncomfortable around her. Nellis promised we would help her find the rest of the missing shifters. So far she’s found ten and they were all dead. She thinks someone is killing them with poison.”

“We better keep an eye on Nellis.” Tona said as she looked into another house. “If there is a killer out there he could be a target.”

“Who would want to kill shifters?” Dallys shook he head. “They’re really sweet people.”

“Someone who thinks they aren’t so sweet.” Tona answered. “It’s all clear here. Let’s get back to the portal sight. We need to be clear of here before the fighting starts.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.” Dallys turned and followed Tona back to the alley where she and Jace came out of the portal.

By the time everyone arrived at the portal sight, the two armies had met a short distance from the outpost in an open field.

“I hope everyone stays in the bunker until it’s over.” Dallys said as she peered through a hole in the wall surrounding the outpost.

“The bunker doors won’t unlock for at least six hours if they are like the ones on my planet.” Tona said. “They’ll be safe.”

“What’s to keep the duchess from carrying out her original plan?” Izzie asked.

“The ship is out of fuel. I drained the tanks,” Dallys said. “She will either be captured or her forces will take the outpost.”

“Is this what you do all the time? Keep innocent people safe?” Izzie asked.

“Sometimes. Mostly we just annoy the bad guys.” Nellis laughed.

“Wincet better be on time the heat is killing me.” Jace looked at Nellis and Izzie. “Why aren’t you two melting?”

"It gets hotter than this on Caspire." Izzie sighed. “This feels like early summer.”

“Late spring.” Nellis corrected her.

Jace rolled his eyes.

The portal appeared in the alley. One by one they stepped through until it was just Nellis and Izzie,

“Is it safe?” Izzie asked nervously.

“Here, hold my hand.” Nellis took her hand. “Just step through. It’s that simple.”

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Fan Fiction Posting News:
Magick, Destiny and Doom (Camelot Drabble Series Canon Era) posts on Wednesdays.

Gotham (Arrow/Batman (1966)) started posting this month on Sundays.

i From The Ashes (Arrow - Olicityfic Bang 2016) has started posting on a twice weekly schedule (Wed./Sun.)

i Dove 47 was On The Sly

Original Fiction Posting News:
Dark Realms (Brought to you by puzzleprompts)
Dark Realms Short #1: Izzie and Nellis, Forever!

Booksie/BooksieSilk (Faerie1990)
Coffee for Two

Community News:
Get Your Words Out August Reporting Number: 204977
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Dark Realms Short 1 Izzie and Nellis, Forever!
Word Count:
Sponsored by puzzleprompts

Nellis was sweaty and uncomfortable. He turned on his side opened his eyes. That was when he realized something was horribly wrong. He wasn’t where he should be. He wasn’t in his room on Centra anymore.

Nellis could feel the hot summer breeze through an open window and smell sulfur from the volcano and the sweet smell of cattoses in bloom. There was only one place that he knew of where cattoses grew and that was Caspire.

How could he go to sleep in his room on Centra and wake up in a bed in Caspire?

He looked down at the blanket he was clutching and made another discovery. It wasn’t just any bed either. It was a pink furry bed that smelled like fresh baked cookies. It was Izzie Bonafur’s bed! How in the holy rings of the moon did he end up at that black she devil’s bed?

“Nel, are you awake?” Izzie purred into his ear. She ran her finger around the edge and blew into it. She kissed him on the cheek. “Nel?”

Nellis rolled over on his back and came face to face with the she devil in question, Izzie Bonafur. Her green eyes were wide and they made him feel like they were staring right into his soul. “Hi Izzie.”

“Don’t you ‘hi’ me, mister.” Izzie’s smile turned into a glare. “I had to clean up after your card game last night. Seriously, I don’t know why you insist on having all those burping farting leering men over to my place. If you want to have a card game you should do it at your place. What am I saying? Your place is a trash pile and that’s being nice about it.”

Nellis blinked. Was this a memory or was it really happening? If it was a memory, he certainly didn’t remember it. He especially didn’t remember that pink see through nightie she was wearing. He had forgotten how beautiful she was and how her black fur shimmered in the sunlight.

“Nel? Are you listening to me?” Izzie rubbed Nellis’ chest. She nipped at his nose. “Now that you’re awake, how about we have a little fun?”

“Sure.” Nellis regretted saying that the second the word came out of his mouth. 

Izzie launched herself on top of him and started kissing him. Nellis squeaked and shifted into a mouse and ran off the bed. When he hit the floor, he shifted back into himself.

Izzie laughed. “Oh you want to play shifties with me. I’m game. What shall we turn into? Oh! We haven’t been lizards in a while. We can get all twisty and go at it.”

“I don’t want to play with you. I just want to go.” Nellis looked down and realized he was naked. “Where are my pants?”

Izzie shrugged and giggled.

Nellis grabbed a pillow and covered himself. “Izzie, where are my pants?”

“I don’t know.” Izzie looked annoyed. “You didn’t have them on when you came to bed last night. You don’t really need your pants, do you? Come back to bed, Nel.”

“It’s too hot to have sex.” Nellis looked around the room and found his pants behind the dresser. “You know I don’t like the heat.

“Well it’s going to be a long time before its cool again. I don’t think I can wait that long.” Izzie pouted. I do like winter with those short days and the long nights. Long nights that you and I can snuggle together all night or play naughty games. Don’t you want to play naughty games with me, Nel?

Nellis sighed. Who was he kidding? “Yes Izzie. I love playing naughty games with you but I really should figure out how I got here.”

“What do you mean?” Izzie frowned. “You got here just like you always do. You rode your motorbike. Nel, are you feeling alright?”

“I think I may be coming down with something.” Nellis pulled on his pants and found his shirt and boots. “I’m just going to go for now.”

When he turned toward the door to leave Izzie was standing there blocking the way. She snatched his shirt out of his hands. “You better get back in that bed. I will make you a nice bowl of soup.” She held out her hand. “Put down those boots and give me your pants!”

“Izzadora!” Nellis started to feel a little panicky. “I will not give you my pants I have to go. Give me my shirt and let me leave.”

“You don’t love me anymore!” Izzie started to cry then she got angry. “You have another girlfriend, don’t you? I knew it. It’s that tramp Falla, isn’t it? She is always sticking her tail in your face. Tell me who she is and I will claw her eyes out.”

Nellis closed his eyes. This was definitely not a memory. But how did he get here?

“We are supposed to get married! We were supposed to spend all nine lives together, blissfully in love. You are supposed to love me! Why would you do this to me?” Izzie started crying all over again.

Suddenly, there was someone pounding on the front door. Izzie moved and opened the bedroom door to see who the crazy person was who was pounding on her door.

Nellis followed her while trying to put on his boots.

“Nellis! Nellis!” The voice sounded familiar to Nellis but he couldn’t put a name on it.

Izzie pulled open the door and Jace stood there. “Who are you and why are you banging on my door?” She turned to look at Nellis. “Do you know this human?”

“Jace?” Nellis was confused. How did Jace find him on Caspire.

“Nellis, wake up!” Jace shouted. “Nellis, you need to wake up. Stop playing around, mate and just wake up.”

Suddenly Izzie turned and slapped Nellis in the face. He blinked and saw blurry images of faces standing over him.

“We better get Wincet. He’s burning up.” Another voice said.

Was the person speaking Tona or Dallys? Nellis didn’t know. He didn’t care as long as it wasn’t Izzie Bonafur.

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This year, I decided to try out Camp NaNoWriMo. Overall, it was a good experience. Here are some of the highlights.

I joined a cabin set up by one of the GYWO mods. It was set up as a fantasy/scifi cabin. I’m shy on a good day but a group of complete strangers would have been torture. I was glad to be a part of a cabin that I had ‘spoken’ with someone there before I signed up. I don’t think I would have done camp if it wasn’t for that.

I managed to chat some and I shared some things too but I was still shy. I really should have tried harder to participate but as usual my shyness kicked in and prevented me from being social. One of these days I’m going to get over this but not anytime soon.

I shared information about world building and wiki making for fictional universes. I talked about how I don’t make chapters until the end. They seemed to appreciate what I contributed.    

My project was “Edge of Swords” from the Book of the Tuathe. It had been sitting in ‘The Pile’ folder forever so I thought it would be a good idea to use it for this. I had 5k of notes to use plus a loose outline.

I set a goal of 15K. You can do that at Camp. I thought that was being generous considering most of the large stories from Ogham-Duir end up around 10k-12k. When I started writing, I realized that I may have set the word count goal too low.

In the end, I managed to meet the goal of 15K despite real life trying to interfere. Real life was my cat getting horribly sick. He recovered and I was able to continue writing to meet my goal.

I met the goal of 15K but I didn’t finish the story. I still have a couple of thousand words to write before it’s complete but at least it’s nearly finished. I will post it when it’s done.

Will I do camp again? Maybe but I will have to be ready to participate more than I did this time. I like the concept of Camp NaNoWriMo. It did help me see that I’m not alone when I have writers block or have organizational problems.    
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Fan Fiction Posting News:
Magick, Destiny and Doom (Camelot Drabble Series Canon Era) posts on Wednesdays.

Dove 46 was Too Late (Babylon 5)

Original Fiction Posting News:
Dark Realms:
Episode 4. The Anasauri's Plight (Brought to you by puzzleprompts)

Booksie/BooksieSilk (Faerie1990)
Coffee for Two

Community News:
Get Your Words Out July Reporting Number: 189972
Camp Nano Final Validation: 15642. I met my goal of 15000
Livejournal and Dreamwidth master lists have been updated.
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Dark Realms #4: The Anasauri’s Plight
Word Count:  2877
This episode was brought to you by puzzleprompts

Wincet sat at his workbench mumbling to himself as he read from an ancient tome. He was reading about the Anasauri, a race of reptilian humans that evolved into one of the most technologically advanced civilizations in the known universe.

The Anasauri were thought to be extinct. Their home world Saur had been lost to a series of cataclysmic disasters. It had been almost a thousand years since anyone had reported seeing an Anasauri.

Tona walked up and noticed Wincet mumbling. “Wincet, what’s wrong?” She looked over his shoulder and saw the drawing in the book he was reading. “The Anasauri are a myth. Why are you letting those old tales upset you?”

Wincet turned to look at her. “The Anasauri are real! I met them in my youth. They were nearly extinct then. They had a small city on the moon of another planet in their system. I wonder if there are any left.”

“Maybe, we should go looking for them and see if there are any left.” Tona looked at the drawing again. “They certainly were ugly, weren’t they?”

“Ah!” Wincet smiled. “They may have been ugly but they were the most intelligent and well-spoken people that I have ever had the privilege to meet. I just wish you all could have the chance to meet them.”

“Well, unless we go back in time, we never will.” Tona patted Wincet on the shoulder. “I’m going to teach the others some defensive moves. We will be in the Vision Cave. That’s the only place that they can’t break anything of value except maybe one of their own heads.”

“Take it easy on them, Tona. Most of their races are not as agile as elves.” Wincet warned her. “Dallys may be the only one who can keep up with you.”

“I know but we need to be able to keep from getting killed if we are to continue these missions.” Tona grinned mischievously. “Besides its funny when Nellis falls on his ass.”

“Tona!” Wincet said sternly.

“Well it is.” Tona laughed and patted him on the shoulder again before she left.

Wincet sat and thought for a moment. “Maybe there was a way that the Dark Army. It would take some doing but he may be able to pull it off.”

He shut the ancient book and went to the shelf to find another. He ran his hand along the spines of the ancient books in many different languages from many different worlds until he found the one he wanted. He took it over to the workbench and opened it up.

“Now, I just have to find the right spell for the portal to go back in time.” Wincet turned the pages carefully in the old book. “Not too far but just enough for the Dark Army to meet the Anasauri for themselves.”

In the Vision Cave, the Dark Army was spaced out in pairs to work on the moves Tona was teaching. 

“Ow!” Nellis got off the floor and rubbed his behind. “Did you have to do that so hard?”

Dallys and Jace tried to keep from laughing but failed.

“Well they’re not going to hit you with a pillow, you know.” Tona sighed. “Let’s try it again. Jace, partner with the little kitten boy this time.”

“I am not a kitten.” Nellis folded his arms across his chest. “I am a Casparian shapeshifter. We’re furry creatures.”

“Furry little kitties.” Tona smirked. “Now remember … lunge and duck. Not roll into a ball and fall on your…”

“Everyone! Come! I have something for you to do.” Wincet waved them over to the center of the cave. “Come look at what I have found.”

“It’s just a dusty old book. You have hundreds of them.” Nellis limped over to Wincet. “What’s the big deal?”

“Wincet, what have you found?” Jace asked. “Are we going on a mission?”

“Please! Anything to get us out of training with Tona.” Nellis rubbed his behind again. “I think I broke my tail.”

“You have a tail?” Tona burst out laughing.

Wincet glared at Tona. He cleared his throat. “I was thinking about the time I met the Anasauri and how they are assumed to be extinct now. That’s when Tona came in and said something about time travel. So, I looked for the spell to turn the regular portal into a time portal. I want to send you through to the last known location of the Anasauri.”

“Where was the last known location of the Anasauri?” Dallys asked. “It isn’t on some planet that eats faeries is it? Do they eat faeries?”

“No! They don’t eat faeries.” Wincet looked up at the stars and pointed to a star near the edge of the universe. “It was on a moon orbiting another planet in their system. Their planet was lost to a cataclysmic disaster.”

“Why do we need to go back to back in time?” Jace asked. “I mean, if there are still some left then we should just meet them and not go back in time. Time travel sounds dangerous to me.”

“There is always some risk when going through the portal.” Wincet looked at each one of them. “If you are not comfortable with the idea, I will not use this spell unless everyone agrees to it.”

“I vote ‘no’.” Jace looked at the others.

Nellis looked at Wincet. “I vote ‘no way’.”

“No offense, Wincet, but I vote ‘no’ too.” Dallys sighed. “If the spell doesn’t work, we could end up anywhere at any time.”

“Borne, what do you think?” Wincet asked. He looked at the android that was standing quietly with his head bowed.

“I am still calculating the odds. I will let you know when I have finished.” Borne bowed his head to finish.

Tona looked at Wincet. “I’m with them. I don’t want to go time traveling across the universe. We could find ourselves as dinosaur snacks or worse.”

“What could be worse than being eaten by a dinosaur?” Nellis asked.

“I just don’t want to be eaten period.” Dallys shuddered at the thought. “Too many creatures think I’m a crunchy and tasty thing.”

Borne looked up. “I have finished my calculations and I do not wish to go.”

Wincet sighed. “I was hoping that you would get the great honor of meeting an Anasauri but I can still send you to the third moon of Calna where they were last seen. Maybe there are some left. At the very least, you could find out what happened to their civilization.”

“I think we would be fine with that.” Jace looked at the others for approval. “Is there anything we should take with us like air or protective gear?”

“Does your world have a moon?” Dallys asked.

“Yes it does. It’s just a giant rock that orbits our planet and shines the light of our sun back at us at night.” Jace looked puzzled. “Why?”

“My planet has a moon too. There is an ocean and several land masses on it.” Dallys told him. “Jace not every world is like yours. Tona’s planet has two moons and Nellis comes from a world without a moon.”

“I’m beginning to learn that everything is possible in the universe.” Jace smiled at her.

“What good is a moon that you can’t use it? We use our smaller one to hunt game.” Tona sighed. “I miss hunting things.”

“This is not a hunting mission. It’s turned into an intelligence gathering mission.” Wincet shut the book he was holding. “Instead of meeting the Anasauri, I want you to see what happened to them. Look around for any signs of invaders or disease. At least, we can give them the respects of letting the rest of the universe know what happened to them.”

“We should get changed.” Tona looked down at the loose clothes she was wearing. She rubbed her nose. “Some of should bathe too. If there are any Anasauri left, we don’t want them to smell us coming.” Tona headed out to the living quarters to clean up and prepare.

Jace patted Nellis on the shoulder. “I think she means that you’re a bit gamey.”

“Hey! This is my natural musky smell.” Nellis glared at Jace.

“I have some herbs that can get rid of that Nellis.” Dallys winked at Jace behind Nellis’ back. “Good thing that I restocked last time we went to market. It will take a lot of herbs to get rid of that smell.”

Nellis walked off in a huff. He mumbled something about furless people and their noses.

“I will go make the preparations for the portal. Meet me there in a half hour.” Wincet sighed and walked out of the Vision Cave.

“You know, Wincet probably thinks we’re a bunch of children.” Dallys laughed.

“We are much younger than he is chronologically.” Borne looked at Jace and Dallys.

“She means that we act like a bunch of children, Borne.” Jace patted his friend on the shoulder. “Come on. We better get ready to go or they’ll leave us here.”

Less than an hour later, the Dark Army stepped through the portal on the third moon of Calna. They expected to see ruins but what they saw instead surprised them.

From the ridge top where they stood, they could see that there was a city gleaming in the sunshine. The tall buildings were made up of mostly metal and glass. There were vehicles floating around in the air from one place to another. Everything was clean and shiny.

“Wow!” Jace looked around. “This isn’t what I expected at all. Is that a flying car?”

“I don’t know.” Tona looked at him. “What’s a car?”

Jace rolled his eyes. “A car is a vehicle that carries people from one place to another. They run along the ground in my world.”

“That would be dangerous they could run over someone that way.” Nellis frowned. “The more I hear about your world the less I want to go there.”

“We need to split up. Borne, Nellis, and Dallys try to find a data port. We need to get as much info as we can on how many there are, what weapons they have, and the size of their army.”

“Tona, we aren’t gathering intelligence for a military strike.” Jace reminded her. “Borne, focus on census data and historical records. That building over there looks like a school. You can probably tap into the city’s servers there. You two keep him from getting caught, please.”

Nellis and Dallys took the lead toward the building that Jace pointed out. Borne glanced back as he followed them and looked worried.              

“You and I should go look into some windows to see how they live.” Tona pulled on Jace’s arm. This one is open and it has some shrubs we can hide in.” 

“Are you sure those aren’t poisonous?” Jace eyed them cautiously.

“Just come on.” Tona tugged on his sleeve again.

They settled in under an open window and peeked inside. Two blue lizard-like creatures were standing in what looked like a kitchen. The female was washing dishes and the male was reading something off an electronic device.    

“You never have time for me or the hatchlings, Punar. It’s always work, work, and more work. You seem to forget that you even have a mate and hatchlings at home.” The female turned away from what she was doing to put her hands on her hips.

“My work is very important to me.” Punar put down the device and walked over to her. He put his hand on her cheek. “Ka, you know that I love you and all of our hatchlings. I would be home more if I could but I must see that all the knowledge of the Anasauri is archived safely for future generations.”

“Ha!” Ka pushed away his hand. “I don’t care about future generations. I care if your hatchlings will know who you are when you come in our home.”

“It isn’t like that.” Punar sighed. “I’m here every day. They see me every night when I kiss their little faces before they drift off to sleep.”

“They see you but when do they get to know you?” Ka asked. “When we are standing around the pit when you die?”

“KA!” Punar shouted.

“Hush! You’ll wake them up.” Ka glared at him.

“I promise to take this weekend off. We can take them to the water to splash around and play. I may even get in too. What about you?”

Ka sighed. “I would like to go water. It’s been a long time since we did anything as a family.”

“Not since the fifth hatchling came out of his shell.” Punar put his arms around her. He started to nibble on her neck. “I can’t wait to see you in your water suit.”

“None of that!” Ka pushed him off. “We have plenty of hatchlings already. I hear what you are thinking, you know. I have heard your thoughts since we were bonded.”

Punar laughed. “Sometimes, I swear you can only read my very naughty thoughts. That’s why I love you so much.”

Ka sighed. “Sometimes, I can read all your thought then other times you are so closed to me. We are bonded. We should share everything even our thoughts. Sharing our minds is what mates do.”

Punar rested his forehead on hers. “You’re right and I’m sorry. Let’s go get some rest.”

“Rest is all you will get this night, Punar.”  Ka let him take her by the hand and lead her out of the room.

Jace looked at Tona. “They sound normal to me. How about you?”

“I wonder how many hatchlings they have. It sounds like their population is growing not shrinking.” Tona wondered.

“On my world, overpopulation is a problem. Not enough food and too many people.” Jace looked around. “I wonder if the others are finished. We should get back to the portal site.”

“Don’t you want to peep in some more windows?” Tona teased.

“I really don’t want to take the chance that I will see something I can’t get out of my head.” Jace shuddered.

“You are no fun.” Tona stood up and pulled him up to his feet. “Let’s go. They should have the information from the city’s data storage by now.”

In the school, Dallys and Nellis were keeping an eye out as Borne used a cord from his wrist to tap into a port on a data output station.

“Borne, are you done yet?” Nellis asked. “We got to get back to the portal site.”

“I will be done in just one minute.” Borne disconnected from the data port. “I have to secure the data. It will take a moment.”

Dallys glanced back at Borne then looked at Nellis. “If he doesn’t hurry up then we are going to get caught.”

“Give him a moment.” Nellis looked out the door. “I don’t see anyone around. Don’t worry so much.”

Borne walked up behind them and tapped them on the shoulders. “I am finished.”

“Finally, let’s go.” Dallys pushed past Nellis and went outside. “Come on. We have to get to the portal site.”

Nellis and Borne followed her to the top of the ridge where Tona and Jace were already standing.

“Did you get anything?” Jace asked.

“Yes. I have census records and the historical data Jace suggested that I obtain. I also retrieved medical data about their race.” Borne told them.

“That’s what took so long.” Dallys sighed.

The portal opened behind them and they stepped through.

Wincet was waiting for them expectantly. “Did you find out what happened to them? Was it a natural disaster or was it disease that wiped them out?”

“Neither.” Jace looked at Wincet. “They are alive and well. From what we saw, they are flourishing on that moon. They have a huge city there. They’re living their lives just like everyone else.” He glanced at Tona. “Making babies and going on family vacations.”

“How? No one has seen them in a thousand years.” Wincet was perplexed. “How many of them are there?”

“According to the census information that I downloaded, there are over five million Anasauri in that city.” Borne reported. “There are five other cities with equivalent populations to the city we saw.”

“Did you meet anyone? Did you talk to them?” Wincet asked. He looked at them. “I don’t understand. Why didn’t you talk to them?”

“We didn’t want to disturb their lives. They are obviously hiding.” Jace shrugged. “If they haven’t wanted to be seen in over a thousand years then stands to reason they don’t want people just showing up to talk to them. We should let them be. Maybe someday, they will want to make contact with the universe again.”

“He has a point Wincet. If we let the universe know that the Anasauri are still alive there may be someone out there that will try to destroy them. We still don’t know what destroyed their planet.” Tona looked at the sorcerer.

“Are we in agreement that we shall keep their secret?” Wincet looked at each of them as they nodded in turn. “For now, the plight of the Anasauri is our secret to keep.”

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Part 6
Word Count:

Aura walked forward and lifted the sheet on the first body she came to. It was Queen Taralen. She took a step over and lifted the second sheet. Cara was under it.

Victra sobbed and nearly collapsed. Aura and Endora rushed to her and caught her before she fell. Aura held on to Victra as Endora reached out and brushed a curl from her grandmother’s face.

“She knew they were coming. She sent me away to protect the realm. She knew the barrier wouldn’t fall if I was still alive.” Endora kissed her grandmother’s cheek. 

“I believe she did. That’s why she summoned our mother. So she wouldn’t be alone at the castle. It would look like the barrier would fail.” Aura sighed. “I didn’t even know you were the one doing the ritual not Mother.”

Endora brushed away a tear. “Mother was never going to be queen. It made sense that I would be the one connected to the barrier not her. I’m surprised that Mother stayed. She had to know what was coming.”

Captain Janlou shifted on his feet. “Majesty, she didn’t know. Queen Taralen ordered that she not be told.”

All three women looked at him with shocked expressions.

“Everyone thought Princess Cara would be the next queen. Even I did, until Queen Taralen told me otherwise.” The man admitted.  

“When Lord Chancellor reads the succession decree, he and everyone else will get a surprise.” Endora looked at her mother. “My mother was removed before I came of age.”

“Blessed Danu.” Captain Janlou rubbed his face. “Here I thought…. It doesn’t matter.”

“You thought what?” Endora asked.

At first, I thought she was being indulgent with your mother, letting her go off on her own, like she has always been with you. I had no idea that she was passing her own daughter over.” Captain Janlou looked at the sisters. “But you all knew, didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Aura reached out and covered the bodies with the sheets. “Endora, we need to prepare you for your coronation.” Aura looked at the Captain. “A messenger needs to be sent to the Draconis’ estate to fetch the Queen’s maid and the crown.”

Endora nodded at the Captain. “Dionne will know what to bring. She has it memorized. Grandmother made her repeat the list several times.” 

“There is one other matter. Queen Taralen ordered the crystal removed from the Great Portal.” Captain Janlou shifted on his feet. “She told no one where it was hidden.”

“Dionne will bring that as well. Grandmother gave it to me before I left.” Endora told him. “She didn’t want it to fall into the wrong hands. She gave me the one from the Northern Court as well.”

“There is only one Court of the Tuathe de Danaan now.” Captain Janlou sighed. “The men that Queen Taralen sent are still looking for survivors but it doesn’t look good.”

Endora shook her head. “Humans. That fool would hire human mercenaries to do his dirty work.”

“You know who the man in the image was?” Victra asked.

“It’s Prince Hareem from the Peri court. He came here looking to marry me so our army would help the Peri fight the Jinn. When I said no, he came into my chambers in the middle of the night to assault me. Grandmother banned him.”

“You should have run him through.” Captain Janlou shook his head. “I wonder what the Northern Court did to anger him.”

“Princess Naladine was around my age. She probably turned him down too.” Endora started to walk to the door. “Victra needs to lie down and I want to see what the men have found in the camp.”

“East tower?” Aura asked.

“Yes.” Endora nodded.

Aura hugged Victra and shimmered to the east tower.

Captain Janlou frowned. “I always forget she has fae magick as well as dragon powers.”

“She doesn’t use them often. She has difficulty controlling them.” Endora glanced back at the bodies. “How soon can they be prepared for entombment? I want them at peace as soon as possible.”     

“I will call the women from the village to see to the preparations.” Captain Janlou glanced over at the bodies. “I will have to have the stone masons work through the night to build the crypts. The sculptors will take a bit longer.”

“That’s fine. All we need are the crypts right now.” Endora walked toward the door. “I need to get my bearings. I will be in my chambers. Send someone for me when the men come from searching the encampment.”

“I will, Majesty. I will send your maid to you when she arrives.” Captain Janlou bowed. “Oh Majesty. There is one more thing.”  

“What is it?” Endora turned to look at him. She braced herself for more bad news.

“You will need to choose a personal guard.” Captain Janlou said.

“What do I need a guard for? I am more than capable of taking care of myself.” Endora was annoyed. “I am not that little girl who you used to give sugar candy to behind my nanny’s back. I am a warrior well trained.”

“I would swear that I gave you sugar candy just yesterday.” Captain Janlou shook his head in disbelief.

“Captain Janlou, you didn’t answer my question.” Endora reminded her.

“Protocol Majesty. You need to have one because of protocol.” Captain Janlou told her. “There is no way around it. There are five commanders that have already asked about the position.”

“There are only six commanders in the entire Sidhe guard. Which one doesn’t want the job?” Endora asked.

“That would be Armid. He’s about to retire.” Cap looked worried. “You must choose someone soon.”

Endora sighed and started walking towards the entrance. “Invite them to tea tomorrow. I will make my choice after I speak to them.”

Captain Janlou followed her out of the crypt. “All at once?”

“It will show how they interact with each other and how much respect they have for each other.” Endora took the stairs leading to the section of the castle where her bedchambers were. 

“Queen Taralen taught you well.” Captain Janlou chuckled.

Endora stopped suddenly on the stairs. “Are any of them unmarried?”.

“Yes. Three of them are unmarried.” Captain Janlou looked up at her on the stairs. “I see what you’re up to.”

“I’m not up to anything. I’m just remembering something my grandmother told me about queens and princesses.” Endora looked in front of her and started walking up the stairs again. “I will make my choice after I speak with them.”

“Thank you Majesty.” Captain Janlou bowed.

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Part 5
Word Count:

Twenty minutes later, they were on their way to the castle. Dionne stayed behind to gather their belongings and close the house up again. They traveled in silence.

No one dared to speak because to do that would make it all too real. The sisters were already on the brink of tears. Dragas and Klaus didn’t want to upset them any more than they already were.

When they arrived at the castle stables. Quin bowed and took the reins from Endora and looked at the two other women with sympathy. 

Endora took the short cut to the throne room with her sword belted at her side. The guards and council members bow to their new queen. There are whispers of “your majesty” in the air.

Aura and Victra looked around at the respect their younger sister commanded and were impressed. They had no idea that she was so well respected. 

Endora hesitated then took a breath to steady her nerves before she walked further into the room. She looked around at the council and guards in the room then she looked at the three men tied up and on their knees between the guards and her hand went to her sword.

Captain Janlou walked up and bowed. “Majesty.”  He looked at aura and victra and nodded. “My Ladies.” He looked at Dragas and Klaus and frowned.

“Captain Janlou, are these the men that killed my mother and grandmother?” Endora looked at the three men more closely. “They are human. Are they mundanes as well?”

“Yes Majesty. There were two others but they are dead. They fought the guards when we surrounded them. This one here is the leader.” Captain Janlou pointed to the man in the middle and handed her a carved wooden wand. “We found this on him.”

Endora looked at the wand then handed it to Dragas. “It’s a Druid wand. I recognize the style of writing on it.” 

Dragas looked at the wand and frowned. “It’s not from the grove in Zestra. This grove symbol is from the Isle of Eire. The passage could be opened with this even by a mundane. Are you a druid?”

“No!” The leader shook his head. “I was told it would open the passage so I used it.”  

“The Isle of Eire is in the Fomor’s territory.” Captain Janlou frowned. “He says they have two thousand men waiting on our southern border.”

“Not anymore.” Aura spoke up. “The ones that didn’t become flaming bits or drowned were cut down by two shadow warriors.”

The leader went pale. “You’re lying. My men are skilled fighters.”

Aura let her hand shift into dragon. “Does it look like I’m lying?”

The leader and his cohorts flinched.

“Aura, the ceiling is too low in here for you to shift.” Endora put her hand on her sister’s arm.

“Sorry.” Aura shook her hand and it returned to her human state. “I wasn’t thinking.”

Endora walked up to the leader. “Tell me who sent you. They must have had magick because there is no way you could have gotten here so fast. The Northern Court was only attacked the night before.” 

“No. I’m not telling you anything else.” The man shook his head. 

Endora wasn’t in the mood to be patient. She put her hand on the man’s chest and he screamed in pain. She pulled her hand away. “Tell me!”


Endora put her hand on his chest again.

Captain Janlou started to reach out to pull her away but he saw Aura and Victra step closer to their sister. 

The man just shook his head and his face contorted in pain again. “We were here to kill the queen and the crown princess. It should have brought down the barrier and let us in to slaughter the lot of you. I don’t understand he said it would work. It worked at the other court so it should have worked here.”

“It failed because you killed the wrong princess. My mother was never connected to the barrier. I’ve been doing the renewal ritual for the barrier since I could speak the words.” Endora pushed him away.

There were a few startled looks and gasps in the room. Everyone except Captain Janlou seemed surprised.

“You’re going to show me who sent you here.” Endora put her hand on his third eye and tried to pull the image from his mind. “Show me!”

Aura and Victra moved forward and put their hands on Endora’s back to give her more power.

Dragas and Klaus looked at each other. They had never seen the three sisters working magick together.

An image of Prince Hareem appeared in the air over the leader’s head. Endora let go of the leader and he fell to the ground unconscious.

“Take them to the cells. I will decide their fate in the by tomorrow morning.” Endora commanded. “Check him for weapons and see if he has a faerie crystal. He had to have something to get here so quickly.” 

“Grim Ranger, Lord Leeas Wyvern and Jonas Bagdar are still searching the encampment for anything that could explain how they got here so quickly from the Northern Court.” Aura informed the Captain. “They will be here shortly.” 

“We are glad of the help, High Priestess. Captain Janlou bowed his head to her. “Those three are honorable men.”

The guards rushed forward to take away the prisoners.

Endora watched the men being taken away as she rubbed her hand. She watched as the man on the floor was picked up and carried off but she felt no remorse for what she did to him. She looked at Aura and Victra. She knew they understood what she had done and why.

Endora turned to Captain Janlou. “I wish to see my mother and grandmother now.”

“Pr… Majesty, their throats were cut in their sleep. They didn’t suffer. Is it really necessary that you see their bodies?” Captain Janlou asked gently

“My sisters and I need to say our goodbyes.” Endora held out her hands for Aura and Victra to take. “Search the castle for the injured and make a list of anyone missing.”

Captain Janlou bowed. “I have already sent out our guards to do just that. Your grandmother’s maid wasn’t in the room. We are looking for her now. We took the Queen and your mother to the crypt in the catacombs until they can be prepared to be entombed. Follow me.”

Dragas looked at Aura. “We will stay here. We will wait for the others. They may have more information soon.”

Endora nodded. She looked at one of the guards by the door. “Hux, go wait on the Crystal Spires side of the passage for the three men I am expecting. You know them, don’t you?”

“Yes majesty. I know them all.” The guard bowed and rushed out.  

“This way Majesty. My Ladies.”Captain Janlou took them down to the catacombs and into a large cool room.

This was the room that was used to prepare the bodies for the crypts or the pyres. Two bodies lay on wooden tables covered in bloody sheets.

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Part 4
Word Count: 1185

After they ate, they all went to their rooms to sleep. Endora laid awake waiting for what she knew was going to be bad news.

There was something desperate in the way her grandmother sent her away. She had never seen Taralen like that. It made her more afraid than she had ever been before.

“Endora, go to sleep.” Dionne rolled over to look at her from the settee where she was sleeping. “Everything will be fine Aura and the others took out the army. Everyone is safe.”

Endora pulled the covers up to her chin. “I’m sure you’re right. I’m just being silly.” She turned over to face the wall. She closed her eyes but she couldn’t get to sleep.

At the castle in the Tuathan realm, Taralen had slipped Cara a sleeping potion in her wine at dinner and she took some herself when she returned to her chambers.

If they were going to die that night, she didn’t want to see it coming. She wanted to go as peacefully as possible. Taralen’s only solace was that Endora was safe and hiding with her sisters.

She had sent their maids away for the night. Taralen’s maid protested but she couldn’t disobey her queen in the end. At least they would be safe from whatever was to come and Taralen could feel it coming.

Unaware of the slaughter of the army to the south, five men had been hiding near the passage way. As soon as they got a chance, they went through the passage to the Tuathan realm. Once through the passage, they entered the castle through the kitchens and made their way to the bedchambers of the Queen and the Crown Princess.

The patrol in the castle had been increased but these men were professionals. They easily slipped in and out of alcoves and empty rooms until they found the Queen and her daughter.

Cara was the first one they found. Two men jumped the guard at her door and killed him silently then stood watch. The other three slipped into the room and looked for the occupants. The maids alcove was empty but Cara was sleeping soundly in her bed. She was dead without ever waking up.

The three men came back to the corridor and continued down to the royal suite where Taralen was sleeping. Once again the guard was taken out and the three entered the chambers. They were slightly confused by the layout of the room but they found the Queen sleeping.

The leader of the men tapped one of his cohorts on the shoulder and pointed to a candle then the window. He stepped to the bed and slit Taralen’s throat in one swift move.

The man with the candle lit it and signaled out the south facing window to the troops but he received no response. He moved the candle in front of the widow again but there was still no response.

“What’s wrong?” The leader whispered.

“They aren’t there. I can’t see the campfires and they aren’t responding.” The man whispered back.

The leader looked out the window. “The barrier is still up. We need to get out of here. We must have killed their maids.”

There was a scream in the hallway then the sound of men in armor running towards them. The guards knew they were there.

The three men ran out to the corridor to find swords pointed at their chests. The two men that had been keeping watch were dead on the floor. The three men stood still and raised their hands in surrender.

Captain Janlou appeared with tears in his eyes. He had just come from Cara’s room and found her dead. “Take their weapons and take them to the throne room. I need to check on the Queen.”

The guards disarmed them and dragged them to the throne room. The men struggled the entire way there.

Captain Janlou went into the bed chamber of the royal suite and walked over to the bed. He could tell from the amount of blood on the bed and floor the queen was dead. “Taralen, why did you stay? You knew they were coming to kill you. You should have left.”

The old Captain of the Sidhe Guard took a few minutes to gather his emotions before he left his old friend and Queen. He had his orders. He had to find the new Queen of the Tuathan realm and tell her to come home.

“Captain Janlou!” Hux called out to his captain as the old man walked out of the royal suite.

“What is it?” The captain rubbed his face.

“Is it true? Are they both dead?” Hux asked.

“Yes.” Janlou looked at Hux. “Find the seer. I need to send a message to the young princess. She needs to come back right away.”

“Yes Sir!” Hux nodded and rushed off.

The captain sighed and made his way to the throne room.

At the estate, Endora woke up with a scream. She sat up and started to rock in the bed

“Endora!” Dionne jumped up from the settee. “Endora, what’s wrong?”

“They’re dead. They are both dead.” Endora reached out to Dionne. “I told her not to stay. Why didn’t she leave? Dionne, why didn’t she leave?”

Dionne wrapped her arms around Endora and held her as she sobbed.

Aura and Victra came into the room. Dionne looked at them in the door and shook her head. 

Aura put her arms around Victra and they both started to cry.

“Aura, there’s someone calling out for Endora from the scrying bowl.” Dragas came up behind them.

Aura nodded and let go of Victra. “I’ll speak to them. She is not in any shape right now to talk to anyone. Victra, go help Dionne with Endora. I have a feeling that they are summoning her to return. She needs to get herself together.”

Dragas looked into the room as Victra entered. “How did she know?”

“She must have felt the barrier shift when Grandmother died. She is connected to it as well.” Aura pulled him along with her to the scrying bowl.

“Endora?! The seer voice called out.

“This is Aura. Endora is shaken up a bit right now. I will give her any message you want to tell her.” Aura could see the tear stained face of the old woman in the water.  

“High Priestess, tell her she is needed right away at the castle. The Queen and the Crown Princess are dead. Captain Janlou and his men have captured or killed the men responsible.”

“I will send her on her way. She will be traveling by land so it may take some time.”

“I will let Captain Janlou know.” The seer said. “High Priestess, you and the Lady of Alban Isle, should come as well.”

“I will tell Lady Victra. We are coming as fast as we can.” Aura waved her hand over the scrying bowl to break contact.

Aura turned and looked at Dragas. “Get the horses ready. We are all going to the castle.”

“I’ll tell Klaus.” Dragas walked away.
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Part 3
Word Count:

Endora and Dionne turned back down the road to go to the Draconis estate at Brimstone.  Endora glanced back and waved before they turned the corner.

When they were out of sight, Aura looked at her husband. “Dragas, you should go on ahead too. Stop at Brimstone Tavern tell Leeas, Grim and Jonas what’s going on. Tell them to come to the estate with you. They’ll do it for Endora. I’ll warn Victra and Klaus then take the dragons to the sanctuary.”

Dragas looked at his wife. “Don’t stay too long.”

“I’ll be fine. I’m a dragon, remember?” Aura kissed him. “Do what I say now.”

Dragas kissed her back and went to the back of the house where there was a small stable. He got his black stallion saddled and headed out. 

Aura went to the scying bowl and waved her hand over the water. “Victra! Can you hear me?”

“Aura?” Victra’s voice answered.

“Get Klaus and go to the estate. We are all in danger. I don’t have time to explain. Just get there.”

“Are you there now?”

“No. I have to get Puff and Myra to the sanctuary. I will meet you there. Endora and Dionne are on the way and should be there by the time you get there. They will explain everything.” 

It’s nearly an hour later when a large red dragon dropped into the courtyard of the Draconis’ estate. It shrugged its shoulders and shifted into Aura. She ran inside to find the others.

Aura burst into the sitting room. “Leeas! Grim! Jonas! There is over a thousand troops on the border with Cullen. They look like they are preparing to attack the Tuathan realm. We need to go.”

“How do you know that?” Endora asked. “Did you see it in the scrying bowl?”

“No. I flew over after I dropped off the dragons. I wanted to check on things before I came here.” Aura explained. “We need to hurry.”
The men stand up and collect their weapons.

“Wait! I’m coming too.” Endora stood up, picked up her sword belt and started to fasten the buckle.

“Endora, you can’t go. If something happens to you the realm will have no queen. You have to stay and let them take care of this threat.” Victra pulled Endora back down on the sofa. “Grandmother didn’t send you away just for you to get yourself hurt or killed.”

Endora sighed. “I have to do something. I just can’t sit here and wait for things to happen.”

Aura looked at her younger sister. “That’s exactly what you have to do. If they attack, you may be all that’s left of the royal line. Victra and I can’t take the throne. We aren’t fae. It’s up to you.”

“It’s something you will have to get used to.” Dragas patted Endora on the knee. “It won’t be easy but it is necessary.”
Endora nodded.

“We’ll get ‘em for you.” Grim checked one of his swords and grinned. “Come on! Jonas get that hell hound of yours we have some enemies to fight.”

“Hey! D’Gar is only half hell hound and I’m right behind you.” Jonas looked at the man beside him. “Leeas?”

“I’ll fly with Aura.” Leeas told them with a grin. “She may need me to fan her flames a bit.”

“Be careful! Stay above the bolts and arrows.” Endora warned them.

Aura gave Dragas a quick kiss and left with the men.

Endora took off her sword then put it on the floor and put her head in her hands. “I can’t believe this. They shouldn’t have to do this for me.” 

“They are doing it because they love you.” Victra hugged her sister. “Klaus, I think we could use some tea.”

Klaus stood up. “I think that’s a good idea. Dragas, come help me.

Dragas nodded and followed Klaus out of the room.

“They are so not subtle.” Endora sighed. “I’m sorry Victra. I’m usually more together.”

“Nonsense! You are just as worried as I am.” Victra rubbed Endora’s back. “I’m sure they will be fine. Mother and Grandmother too.”

Endora just hung on to her sister. She knew it wasn’t true but she wasn’t going to tell Victra that. She didn’t want to upset her sister.

The men came in with the tea and Endora went to stare out a window to wait.

The moon was high as Aura and Leeas flew over the men encamped near the southern edge of the barrier of the Tuathan realm.

Most of the men were ready and waiting to attack. There were a few that were still getting ready for the attack. They hadn’t put on any armor yet. Those were the ones that Aura targeted first.

Leeas spotted boats at the edge of the sea. There were still men a few men in them. He caused waves with his power to move air that made the boats capsize.  He headed back to where Aura was to help with any stragglers.

On the ground, Grim and Jonas with the help of D’Gar were using their shadow magick to take down the men who were trying to flee from the flames of the dragon overhead.

Grim had a weapon in each of his four hands. The two shadow hands that came up from the ground took men by surprise before they fell to his blade.

Jonas moved from shadow to shadow with ease, confusing the men and making them easy to take down. D’Gar got in several good bites and shook his victims like rag dolls before tossing them aside.

The forces were defeated in less than an hour. Leeas and Aura landed and shifted to human form when all the men had been killed.

“How many do you think there was?” Leeas asked Grim.

“No more than a couple thousand.” Grim pulled his hands back and sheathed his weapons. “Jonas, tell that beast to put that man down. He’s dead already.”

Jonas laughed. “Let him play. He hasn’t had this much fun in ages.”

“Seriously? He’s making a mess.” Grim stepped out of the way as something bloody flew towards him. “Was that a lung?”

“It was part of his liver, I think. Didn’t realize you were so squeamish Grim.” Jonas chuckled. “Dgar! Drop it! Heel!”

The great hell hound dropped what was left of the dead body and ran over to Jonas like a happy puppy. Jonas rubbed the hounds head and grinned at Grim.

“We should search the area to make sure we got them all.” Leeas looked around. “We should also look for anything that can tell us who sent them and how they got here so quick.”

“I’ll go back to the estate.” Aura wiped her brow smearing the soot on her face. “Thank you for helping out.”

“Anything for you girls.” Grimm waved as Aura shifted and took off.

Aura landed in the courtyard to find Dragas and Klaus standing out front sharing a flask of something. Aura shifted and walked over. She took the flask from Dragas and took a drink.

“Is it over?” Endora asked as she came out the door.

“Yes, I think so.” Aura looked up. “The moon nearly set. We should get some sleep.” She looked at Endora. “I know what you’re thinking but you can’t go anywhere until you’re summoned.”

“I know.” Endora took the flask from Aura and took a drink. She started coughing. When she finally caught her breath, she looked at them with watery eyes. “What the hell is this?”

“Its Grim’s last batch of grog.” Aura laughed. “That’s what you get for drinking starrberry wine all the time.”

“Ugh! It still hurts.” Endora rubbed her chest.

“It’ll put hair on your…um…” Klaus made a face when Aura glared at him.

“If you all are done out there, get in here and eat something before you go to sleep. Dionne made some food.” Victra waved them all in. “Where are the others?”

“They stayed behind to search the area.” Aura walked in and looked at her face in the mirror. “I need a bath. I have soot all over me.”

"Eat first." Victra pulled her along to the dining room.


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