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Buu the Bard
Word Count: 

A young bard stepped off a merchant ship in the port of Ren. He took a deep breath and shifted the heavy bag to his other shoulder. It’s a new adventure for him in a new world.

“Hello friend.” A dark skinned man in black and dark purple called out as he walked closer to the young bard. “You are a bard. Are you new to Ogham-Duir?”

“Yes.” The young bard nodded. “I am a refugee from the land of dragons. I am Buu.”

“Hello Buu. I’m Grim Ranger. That ship over there is mine.” Grim looked around. “I wouldn’t speak of dragons in this port. Magick is forbidden here in Ren.”

Buu looked around suddenly afraid. “I am a bard. A teller of stories. What will they do to me?”

Grim chuckled. “You don’t want to know. Come with me. I’m on my way to visit the Druid King of Zestra. You’ll be welcome in his court.”

“Are you sure?” Buu asked.

“Yes.” Grim smiled. “Let’s get you somewhere safe.”

“Thank you.” Buu nodded.

“You will love Ogham-Duir. Just not this part of it.” Grim started walking to his ship. “This way, young Buu.”

Buu looked around and followed the man to his ship.

Less than an hour later, Buu and Grim entered the Crystal Fortress of Zestra.

Buu gazed up in awe at the jeweled mosaic of a dragon that wrapped around the white stone walls of the Great Hall.

Grim tapped Buu on the shoulder. “The king is coming this way.”

Grim bowed and sank into a shadow.  

Buu knelt before the Druid King. “I am Buu, a bard and a refugee from the land of dragons.”

“I am King Hermack of Zestra. You are welcome in my court, young bard.” The dark haired king smiled at the young man. He waved the travelers over to a group of chairs by a brazier and sat down. “Come tell me your adventures.”

“Are there dragons here?” Buu pointed to the mosaic as he sat down.

“Many.” The king told him. “There is a sanctuary on Aster Cliffs for elemental dragons. The village below the cliffs has the last known community of Draconians left in all the realms.”

“What’s a Draconian?” Buu asked. “Do they worship dragons?”

The king laughed. “They are dragons or rather they have a dragon form. They can shift form between human and dragon. My dear sister in law is such a being.”

Buu’s eyes were wide with surprise.

“Lady Aura is a gentle and beautiful woman and dragon. My brother, Dragas is a lucky man.” The king leaned back in his seat. “Tell me of the dragons of your homeland Buu.”

As Buu told the king many stories, food and drink appeared for him to enjoy. It was only when the first rays of sunshine flooded the Great hall did Buu stop.

“I have kept you up all night.” The king blinked at the morning sun. “Rest and you will be my guest again this evening.” The king waved a servant over. “Follow this man he will show you to a room where you can rest.”

“Thank you.” Buu bowed to the king as he left the Great Hall.

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Get Your Words Out
Its Gong To Be A Difficult Year
Writer’s Resolutions for 2017

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Greeting the Sun King
Buu The Bard

The Fall of the Northern Court (WIP)
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Dark Realms

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Nanotide Notebook
14. Patiently Waiting For You
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This is the time of the year when I state my goals for the New Year and try to be positive. This year, I think I would like to try something different. I am going to do a list of things that I don’t want to do instead. I know I should be positive and not negative but sometimes you just have to set limits. These are my limits and maybe a few goals too.

I don’t want to neglect my original writing.
I spend far too much time writing fan fiction and not enough time developing my own universes. I want to build my own worlds not live in everyone else’s. I have two universes that I am writing in now with notes for another.

Ogham-Duir has been going on for years now and it’s still not finished. I have parts of it that I haven’t even started to write. It’s frustrating. This universe should be more developed by now but I have been neglecting it far too much in favor of fan fiction.

Dark Realms was started this year and I have kept the format of an animated television series. I write it as if you were watching an episode unfold on the screen. I want to continue this universe in 2017 and I hope with the help of “puzzleprompts” I can keep it going.       

I don’t want to be involved in things or communities that pull me away from my writing.
No more land communities! I am a better writer than gamer. These communities are geared more to graphics makers and people who love a meme. I suck at graphics and I hate memes. I also don’t like those quickie flash games. I think I’m just burned out on this stuff and I will be taking a break starting the beginning of the year. 

No more watching communities that I never join. I have a few prompt communities that I watch just to steal prompts. It’s time to go all in or go home. To be honest, I really don’t want to add another prompt community to my list of ‘monthly obligations’.

What I can do is clear out a lot of communities that don’t interest me anymore and some that I know I will never join but I steal prompts from. There are also several that have just stopped posting prompts. Those will have to be removed from my list as well.    

I don’t want to add to the already long list of unfinished stories. (a.k.a The Pile)
I need to make time to finish all those stories on the list. If that means signing up for a big bang as incentive to finish then I will do it. There are far too many on there and I want to start more. I can’t start more until I finish the old ones. It just makes me feel guilty.

I need to just start at the top of the list and work my way through it. Okay, that will never happen but it is a plan. I think that if I do the small stuff first it will help me get the larger things done. Before long The Pile won’t be such a pile anymore.

After I tackle The Pile then I may just start on that big long list of story ideas. One thing at a time…..    

I don’t want to feel obligated to do a fest/challenge/big bang if I don’t want to do it.
In the past, I have let others talk me into things. I really need to stop doing that. I need to be able to say ‘no’ when I want to without feeling guilty. Guilt is not good. Guilt is not motivating. Friends don’t guilt friends into things.

There might be some people coming off my friends list as well. This is still an option but one I won’t exercise unless they want to give me more guilt in which case they will be dropped faster than a participle at the end of a sentence.

I do want to reach my word goals for 2017
I have a pledge for GYWO of 300k for the year. I will meet it and I hope go over it. I have plenty of things to work on that will help me reach my goal and then some.

There were also some changes mentioned for things coming in the next year. I hope they will be as fun as I think that they will be. I need some fun while I’m writing.

I want to do NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNo again in 2017.
This is where those world building notes will come into play. Hopefully, I can have an outline for the story ready in time for November.

Camp Nano would be a great place to start on another one of the Ogham-Duir kingdoms. Maybe Cullen or Ren? I look forward to finding a cabin that was as friendly and helpful as the one I was in for the April 2016 session. 

And there it is…. or at least some of it.

This got a little wordy. Well, I am a writer. What do you expect? 

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Title: Greeting the Sun King
Fandom: Ogham-Duir ( Original)
Characters: Lady Aura
Author: [personal profile] sidhe_faerie
Rating: G
Length: 244
Content notes: 48. Ceremony
Summary: The residents of Una celebrate the Winter Solstice.

Greeting the Sun King
The sun started to rise on the morning of the Winter Solstice. The worshipers of the Mother Goddess were at Blackstone Tor greet it. They had been waiting all night for the sun to rise.

There was a celebration in progress. The quiet drumming had gone on all through the night. The smell of sage and other herbs wafted through the air. The fire in the center of the Tor was just dying down as the first tendrils of sunlight glittered on the black stone.

The Sun King was reborn once again.

Lady Aura stood at the altar with outstretched arms to greet the sun as it rose over the mountain. She closed her eyes as the sun shone on her face.

“Greetings Sun King. Come forth from the world below and see that we are here to greet thee. Rise and grow. Your time with us is just beginning. Blessed Be!”

There were whispers behind her of “Blessed Be!”

The drumming started to grow louder and the dance of celebration began. Some discarded their robes and danced in the cold light while others threw more herbs and offerings into the fire.

Lady Aura dropped her robe and shrugged. She shifted into her dragon form and rose into the air. She flew over the Tor and high into the sky before coming to rest beside the altar once again. She shifted back into human form and went to join the others as they celebrated.  

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My Dearest Darling,
When you left I promised to keep a light in the window until you returned. I kept my promise.

There is a light in the window burning brightly so you can find your way home, my dear. I keep it burning day or night rain or shine. I never let it go out for fear that you will lose your way and not return as you said you would.

I am waiting patiently but it has been so long now. Many times I have had to change the candle that I have burning for you. I light another before I put out the old.

I am so weary of waiting. Please. Come home soon.
Your Truest Love.
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Tumblr: faeriefantasy or Original Sunday
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Pledge: 300K Difficult
Statement of writing goals: I just want to try to finish all the things I started that have been just sitting there waiting for more words.
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Dark Realms 11: The Beast Among Us
Word Count:
Brought to you by puzzleprompts

The Dark Army gathered in the common room when Wincet summoned them.

“Isadora has a mission for us.” Wincet said as they walked in. “It may be nothing but I think it’s worth checking it out.”

“In the mountains of Gracea on Castilane, there is a legend of a beast with a hunger for the blood of humans. It has killed many times and always comes and goes without a sound.” Izzie started. “This month alone it has killed ten strong men. They were found without a drop of blood in their body floating in the nearby lake. The only wound is a bite mark on their neck.”

“It sounds like a vampire but they’re just tales. They aren’t real.” Jace said.

“This one is.” Tona confirmed. “I heard about it when I was working for the Sholar on Castilane. No one in his army would go anywhere near the mountains and they were the most trained and deadly army in that sector. I heard that he hired three men to go into the mountains to track it down but they were never heard of again.”

“Yes but they aren’t the infamous Dark Army that everyone whispers about.” Izzie grinned. “You all have quite the reputation in the universe these days. You are equally feared and admired.”

“Flattery aside, we do have a unique skill set.” Nellis looked around at the others. “We can find it and bring it out of the mountains into the light of day. That way no one will have a reason to fear it anymore. They’ll see if for the beast that it is and stop thinking its something evil.”

“Won’t that just it turn to ash?” Jace asked.

They all turned and looked at him.

“On my world, if a vampire comes out into direct sunlight it turns into ash and blows away.” Jace explained.

“That is the silliest thing that I have ever heard.” Tona shook her head. “That must make your people feel a lot safer but I don’t think that’s true. Most of the men were fed on were taken at the shift change for the guards and that is mid-day when the sun is at its peak.”

Jace made a face. “So no ash? That’s disturbing.”

“I propose that Nellis Dallys and I go in and find it then Tona and Jace can come in and capture it then bring it out.” Izzie looked around for approval.

“Basically, I’m the bait and Tona is the one that takes it down.” Jace plopped down into a chair. “Lovely!”

“Well, I don’t think it will eat an elf.” Izzie looked at Tona. “Is that what you heard?”

“As far as I know it only eats humans.” Tona nodded. “At least, that was all that had been reported by the commander at the garrison at Gracea when I was there.”

“Doesn’t the Exaltanese trade with Castilana?” Wincet asked. “Maybe Rix can get us more recent information.”

“I’ll send him a message on the sub space.” Nellis walked over to the communications device and tuned it to the frequency that Rix was known to use.

“The rest of you gather your gear.” Wincet shooed them to their rooms. “I want to send you out as soon as Nellis finishes talking to Rix. Tona! A word please.”

Tona reluctantly walked back to where Wincet was standing. “I know what you want to talk about and I have nothing to say. He can sit in that room and rot.”

“You married him. Don’t you think you should try to get along with him?” Wincet asked.

“No! Tona exclaimed. “He still thinks that he’s my master and I’m his slave. He actually brought me his dirty laundry and demanded that I wash it. I told him to do it himself. If he wants clean socks then he needs to clean his socks. He wanted to marry me and not take the currency I offered him then he will have to be happy with what he has.”

“Tona, you need to make peace with him or at least try to be receptive to him.” Wincet said.

“Now you sound like my mother.” Tona sighed. “Just open a portal and I’ll toss him back home then he won’t bother anyone here anymore.”

“You could just ask him to leave.” Wincet put his hand on Tona’s shoulder. “He’s miserable. He may just leave on his own. Try to talk to him, without trying to kill him, please.”

“Maybe you should speak to him.” Tona wrinkled her nose. “I don’t think I can look at him without wanting to kill him right now. Not after last night and the stunt he pulled.”

“What happened?” Wincet asked.

“He had the nerve to come into my room last night while I was sleeping and get in bed with me. I woke up and nearly slit his throat.” Tona wrinkled her nose. “He said he was there to take what was his and I told him there wasn’t anything in my bed that was his. He stormed out then he slammed his door.”

“So that’s who did that.” Wincet grinned. “I thought Nellis and Isadora were having another argument.”

“No. They were playing shifties in her room.” Tona made a face. “They were really loud too. Do you know how thin the walls are in this place?”

Wincet chuckled. “I see that I will have to put a sound proofing spell around each of their rooms. Shifties?”

“That’s what they call it but it just sounds like sex to me.” Tona shuddered. “Gross!”

Wincet laughed then sighed. “Go talk to Barth. Maybe, he has changed his mind about holding you to this arranged marriage now that he knows things won’t be happening as he wanted them to..”

Tona shrugged then walked toward the living quarters. She was almost to Barth’s room when Jace came out of his.

“Going to ask the husband for permission to leave?” Jace smirked.

“No but you might want to come with me so that I don’t kill him.” Tona grabbed Jace by the arm and pulled him down to Barth’s room. She opened the door without knocking. “Barth, I need to tell you something.” She glanced back at Jace.

“What do you want to tell me that you haven’t already?” Barth stood up and glanced curiously at Jace.

“I will never love you because I love Jace.” Tona grabbed Jace’s face and planted a big wet kiss on him. “There I committed adultery now you can divorce me without shame.”

“I have grounds for having you beaten, you mean.” Barth glared at Jace. “But I know that will not win you over to me. If a divorce is what you want then I will give it to you. He may have you. Tell the sorcerer to send me back and I will have the marriage contract voided.”

“And my parents?” Tona asked.

“They will not be harmed.” Barth promised. “They provided me with a wife as contracted but I was not prepared for you. I will have to find a woman less difficult to marry.”

“Thank you. Now, we have to go.” Tona grabbed Jace by the arm and pulled him back down the hall. “Thanks for the assist.”

“Any time.” Jace smiled. “Get your gear. I will tell Wincet that Barth wants to go back home.”

Tona rushed down the hallway to her room to get her gear as Jace turned to leave the living quarters.

Everyone started to assemble on the Traveler’s Bridge. Wincet looked around. “Where is Tona?”

“She was getting her gear when I left her.” Jace said. “Barth agreed to give her a divorce and he wants to go back home. You might want to send him after we leave so that he won’t be here when she gets back.”

“I will make a point of it.” Wincet nodded.

Overhead there was a small craft flying low. it looked like a small cargo ship. It landed near the main buildings.

“That’s not Rix.” Nellis said. “His ship is bigger. Borne, do you know what kind of ship that is?”

“It is a shuttle craft not a cargo ship. The markings are in the Oldene language.” Borne told them. “Perhaps Hestrick is here to make peace.”

“Or steal something.” Nellis looked at Wincet. “We better go see what’s going on.”

Nellis and Jace headed back to see who it was and what they were doing there on Centra.

Inside the living quarters, Tona had started to collect her gear when the door opened and someone stepped inside. The intruder didn’t say a word as he stood in the doorway.

“I’m almost ready.” Tona said. “I have to find my ….”

A knife flew through the air and hit Tona in the back. She crumpled to the ground with a whimper. Her eyes closed and she was still.

The intruder walked over and pulled out the knife then left her to die. The intruder left as quietly as he came.

The craft took off before anyone could reach the end of the bridge. Jace and Nellis looked at each other and started running. 

They reached the common room and nothing seemed disturbed.

“I’ll check the living quarters and you check the workshop.” Jace suggested. He didn’t wait for Nellis to object he ran to the rooms and went straight to Tona’s room. “Tona!?”

Jace opened the door and found her on the floor. She was bleeding badly from a wound on her back. He knelt down to check her pulse and was relieved to find a weak one.

“Please don’t die. I’ll be right back.” Jace rushed back out of the room. He met Nellis at the entrance to the hallway. “Nellis! Get Wincet Tona is wounded. I’m going to check on Barth.”

Nellis nodded and hurried back the way he came.

Jace went to Barth’s room and found it empty. All of Barth’s clothes and belongings were gone.

That bastard did that to her then ran. Jace slammed his hand on the door frame. He looked down the hall and saw Wincet go into Tona’s room. He went back down the hall to see what was happening.

Dallys blocked his way into the room. “Jace, there was nothing Wincet could do. She lost too much blood.”

“No!” Jace tried to push past Dallys but she held him back. “She had a pulse when I was in there. Please check again. She had a pulse.”

Nellis grabbed Jace and pulled him out of the doorway. “Where is Barth?”

“He’s gone.” Jace closed his eyes to gain control of his emotions. “He must have left in the ship. His room has been cleared out.”

Wincet came out of Tona’s room. “Dallys, you and Isadora clean her up. I will take her body to Tolkarian myself. Nellis, where was Rix when you spoke to him?”

“He was two systems over getting building supplies for the settlement on Avia.” Nellis told him. “Do you want me to see if he can catch up with the ship?”

“Yes.” Wincet nodded. “Have Borne give you the ships name and registry information. I want Barth brought back here. I will deal with him myself.”

Nellis rushed off to the communication device to get in touch with Rix.

Jace looked at Wincet. “He didn’t have to kill her. He could have just divorced her. He said he was going to divorce her. Why did he kill her?”

Wincet put his hands on Jace’s shoulders. “He will be punished for what he has done. He made the mistake of harming one of mine and he will pay.”

Jace nodded. “Yes he will.”

“Come, let the women take care of her now.” Wincet pulled Jace along with him into the common room. “Nellis, did you raise Rix?”

“Yes.” Nellis came over to where they were. “Rix was already off the planet when I got him. He saw the craft on his monitor and he’s in pursuit. Do you think Hestrick is behind this?”

“It’s not showy enough for Hestrick. He likes his work to be noticed.” Wincet shook his head. “Besides, he doesn’t know Tona’s real face. She was disguised as a boy when he saw her.”

“Whoever it was knows Barth and was in contact with him.” Nellis rubbed his head. “I’ll check the communication logs to see who he was talking to. What about the mission?”

“The beast can wait for now. We need to find Barth and find out what happened.” Wincet said.

“He killed her that’s what happened.” Jace dropped into a chair and held his head in his hands. He let his tears fall. “I should have stayed behind with her.”

“You didn’t know what he had planned.” Wincet sat down next to him. “He must have been planning this from the time he arrived.”

“Could you have saved her if I had reached her sooner?” Jace asked.

“No. It was a mortal wound to the heart.” Wincet shook his head. “No one could have saved her from that. Besides, he pulled the knife out to speed up the bleeding.”

“It doesn’t make sense at all.” Jace wiped his face. “That’s what a trained killer would do but Barth didn’t seem trained at anything except being an ass.”

“You have a point.” Wincet nodded. “That’s why we need to find out what happened from Barth. He’s the only witness.”

Nellis walked over and sat in the chair next to them. “Barth was in contact with a merchant name Fin on Oldene. I talked to the man and he said that Barth’s father did business with him on a regular basis. The ship we saw is his but he loaned it out to Barth’s father, Helis.”

“So the bastard called his daddy to come get him?” Jace started to get angry. “I wonder whose idea it was to kill Tona, Barth’s or his father’s.”

“From what Tona told me, I would say it was the father.” Izzie sat down on the arm of the chair next to Nellis. “She’s ready Wincet but I think we all need a few minutes to say goodbye to her before you take her home.” 

Wincet nodded. “I agree. It will be difficult enough for her family without strangers there at the memorial service.”

The communication device alert went off.

“That’s probably Rix. I’ll handle it.” Nellis said as he got up and walked over to the communication device.

“Nellis, are you there?”

“I’m here Rix. What’s up?”

“I see them. I’ll let you know what happens after I make contact with the pilot. I hope that I don’t have to use these new pulse cannons I just put on. I'm not sure all the bolts are tight. Rix out.”

On the ship, Rix sent a message over to the other ship. The pilot slowed down and then the communications device sounded.

“Well, this is either going to go really well or really badly.” Valn said as he sat in the copilot’s seat.

“It better go really well.” Rix said as he slowed the ship to match the other ships speed. “We need the Dark Army’s friendship. They are the only people that will help us when we need it without expecting something in exchange.”

Valn nodded.

“I am Captain Phiks of the Oldene merchant fleet. Who are you and what do you want?” The pilot said.

“I’m Rix, captain of the Avian Wing. Did you stopped at a planet called Centra?”  

“Yes. I picked up another passenger.”

“You have a murderer on board.”

“You must be mistaken. I have a merchant and his son on board. They are on their way to Oldene for a meeting. There’s no murderer here.”

“That merchant’s son’s wife was murdered just before you took off. Look friend, I’m here by request of the Dark Army. Do you know who they are?”

“Yes … Everyone knows who they are.”

“The woman that was murdered was a member of the Dark Army. She was in her quarters, unarmed, where she thought she was safe. She was stabbed in the back as she was preparing for a mission.”

“You’re saying that one of these idiots killed a warrior from the Dark Army in cold blood?”

“Yes and you are helping them which makes you a target for the Dark Army too.”

“Come get them. I don’t want any trouble from the Dark Army. I’m not paid enough to get a price on my head because to these fools.”

Rix looked over at Valn “I need you stay here and open the refrigeration unit. We’ll put them in there it’s the only compartment that locks from the outside.”

Valn nodded. “Good luck and be careful.”

Rix docked his ship with the smaller ship and went aboard. The captain met him at the hatch. “You’re an Exaltanese!”

“Yes. Where are your passengers?” Rix didn’t have time to chat. He knew his best chance was to take them by surprise.

The captain pointed to a door a few feet away. He walked over and opened it.

Rix turned into a rhinsa and knocked both men out before they could move against him. Rix turned back into his normal state and looked at the captain.

“Help me get them on my ship then you can go on your way.” Rix went to pick up the older man and saw blood on the hem of his pants. “I think I found the murder right here.”

Phiks picked up Barth and threw him over his shoulder. “A find mess I’ve gotten myself into. Tell the Dark Army that I had no idea what they were about.”

“I will, friend.” Rix shoved Helis through the hatch to Valn and turned to get Barth. “Valn find something to tie them up with. Use good strong knots. We don’t want them to get loose.”

“Wait here and I will get their things.” Phiks turned and went to get their bags. He brought them to the hatch. “I want nothing of theirs on my ship.”

Rix shoved Barth through the hatch as he waited on Phiks. He took the bags the man brought him and tossed them through the hatch to Valn. “I will tell them that you were very cooperative.”

“Thanks. Now, I guess I should get back to Oldene. Phiks nodded goodbye and sealed the hatch once Rix was back on his ship.

After Barth and his father were safely tied up and inside the refrigeration unit, Rix looked in the bags belonging to the two men. One bag was full of currency and the other two were personal items.

“That’s enough to live on for the rest of their lives.” Valn said as he looked at the currency.

“Let’s head to Centra and Wincet and the others are waiting for these two.” Rix closed the bag and headed for the controls. “I’ll let Nellis know we have them while you turn the ship around.”

Valn nodded.

Nellis had been waiting by the communication device when Rix signaled him.


“I’m still here, Rix.”

“We have them we are on our way.”

“Thank you. I’ll tell Wincet.”

“Rix out.”

Nellis turned and found Wincet standing near him. “Rix is bringing them here. What are we going to do to them?”

“I will be the one to punish them.” Wincet said. “The rest of you need to grieve then we all will have to find a way to move on from this.”

“This is going to leave a gap in our skills set.” Nellis said. “Tona is going to be hard to replace.”

Wincet nodded. “I know. They will be here soon. We will leave for Tona’s home world after I deal with them. You should go say your goodbye.”

Nellis nodded and went into the living quarters. 

In Tona’s room, Dallys stood by the bed where she and Izzie had put Tona after they had cleaned her up. She wiped the tears off her cheeks before she knelt by the bed.

“Tona, you were like a sister to me. I am really going to miss our late night talks and the way you made our kitchen duty fun.” Dallys bit her lip to keep from crying again. “I will miss you and I will remember you always.”

Dallys looked up and saw Borne in the door way. She went over and patted him on the chest. “I’m done. I’ll let you say goodbye now.” She walked out of the room leaving him standing there.

Borne walked over to the bed and looked at Tona. His face was expressionless but his eyes were full of grief. “Tona, I have always respected you. You were a soldier like me. You understood what duty and honor meant to me. I do not know if I shall ever have that again. Safe journey to your land of renewal.” Borne bowed his head and walked out of the room.

Izzie and Nellis stood in the hallway holding hands. They watched Borne pass them with his head down.

“Come in with me, Nellis.” Izzie pulled Nellis in by the hand.

Izzie went over and knelt by the bed. “Tona, you were an inspiration to me. You made me believe that I was capable of anything. You and I were only friends for a short time but I was honored to call you my friend.” Izzie looked up at Nellis.

Nellis knelt beside Izzie. “Tona, it’s not going to be the same around here without you. You were always a lot of fun and someone I could always count on. In my life… that is a rare thing.” Nellis glanced at Izzie. “I’m glad we got to be friends. Come on Izzie. I think Jace wants to be alone with her.”

Izzie nodded and let Nellis help her up. They walked out of the room and found Jace waiting. Izzie hugged Jace then she and Nellis went into the common room.

Jace walked to the door then hesitated. He wiped his face and went to the bed.

“Just like you to say that you love me then leave me to wonder what might have been.” Jace knelt down. “I have never been as close to anyone one as I was with you. There was something about you, Tona. Something that I could never put my finger on. I thought it was because you were an elf but now I guess I will never know exactly what it was. I did love you. Strong, beautiful, and fun. That was you and that is the way I will remember you.”

“Jace, they’re almost here.” Nellis called down the hall.

“I have to go. Rix caught them trying to escape. Wincet is going to make sure they pay for doing this to you.” Jace stood up and leaned over to kiss Tona on the lips one last time. “Goodbye my sweet.”

Jace walked to the door and closed it on his way out.

Rix was just landing when Jace went out to where everyone was waiting. The hatch opened and Rix came out of the ship.

“Was there any trouble?” Wincet asked. 

“Not a bit. The Oldene captain had no idea that he had a murderer on board and as soon as he heard the words ‘Dark Army’, he gave them up without hesitation.” Rix said as he walked up to Wincet. “The older one has blood on the hem of his pants. We put them in the refrigeration compartment. There’s no lock on the inside. I’ve been meaning to fix that but I just haven’t got around to it. They were carrying a bag of currency with them. It doesn’t look like they planned on going back to their home world.”

“Keep the currency.” Wincet said. “Consider it your bounty.”

“Thank you. It will help my people a great deal. I will use it to pay for food and supplies.” Rix took a breath to steady his emotions. He turned to the open hatch. “Valn, bring the prisoners.”

Valn brought the two men to the hatch. They were both tied and gagged. Helis glared at Wincet defiantly while Barth hung his head and avoided looking at them.

Wincet pulled the gag off Helis. “Why did you kill her?”

“She was unsuitable. Barth told me that he was planning on giving her a divorce. That would bring shame to my family name and I could not have that.” Helis glared at Wincet. “The only way to end that marriage without disgrace was for her to die.”

Wincet looked at Barth. “Did he know what you planned to do when you came here?”

“No.” Helis glared at Barth. “He was ready to give her a divorce. He didn’t realize what that would do to our standing. He is weak that is why he could not control her. I had to put an end to it for him.”

“You son of a bitch!” Jace started to lunge forward but Borne and Nellis held him back.

Wincet looked over his shoulder at Jace. “Nellis, you and Borne take Jace inside. The rest of you go with them.”

“Wincet?” Nellis hesitated.

“It will be fine. Go now.” Wincet waved them away.

Everyone left Wincet with the two elves and went inside.

“I was really sorry to hear about this.” Rix looked at them. “Tona was a fine woman.”

Valn nodded. “You have our condolences.”

“Thank you.” Dallys sighed. “One of us needs to go see what Wincet is doing. I don’t like him being alone with those two.”

“I will go.” Borne didn’t wait for anyone to object he went out where he had left Wincet but he wasn’t there. Borne looked toward the Traveler’s Bridge and saw a portal open. He walked over to see what was going on.

“I refuse to go through that. I have no idea where it will take me.” Helis struggled against Wincet’s grip on his arm.

Borne grabbed Helis by the arm and started to drag him to the portal.

“Borne, you should go inside.” Wincet said. “I will handle this.”

“No. She was my friend.” Borne pushed Helis through the portal then turned to face Wincet. Borne pointed to Barth. “Do you want him to go as well?”

“No.” Wincet shook his head and closed the portal. “He will have to come with us to Tolkarian and explain what happened to Tona’s parents. Keep him here and watch him closely. I will get the others ready to leave for Tona’s home world.”

Borne nodded and held Barth by the arm as Wincet walked off.

“He sent my father somewhere. Do you know where he sent him?” Barth asked.

“No.” Borne squeezed Barth’s arm. “Silence.”

Barth winced and complied.

Thirty minutes later a portal opened on Tolkarian, Wincet led them through into the same garden that Tona had stepped into just a few weeks ago.

Manse greeted them. He was dressed in all white as was the custom for grieving. He walked over to the litter carrying Tona’s body. He glanced at Jace and Nellis then lifted the thin veil and looked at Tona’s face. “Thank you for bringing her home.”

“I believe that is what she would want.” Wincet glanced back at Borne holding on to Barth. “Helis was the one that took your daughter from you. I have dealt with him. You may do what you wish with him.”

“I will deal with him shortly.” Manse looked up at the sky. “We need to perform the ritual before the sun moves too far in the sky. It must be at its peak to be effective. Come this way.”

Manse led them up a mountain path to the glass and stone temple of Tolkar. He stood by the altar where Tona’s mother, Stara was waiting. “Please put her here. Manse pointed to the altar.”

Jace and Nellis lifted the litter and put her on the altar. They backed away. Manse started to say a spell to summon the winds of time then a beam of light came through the crystal at top of the temple. It slowly moved from one end of the altar to the other. It turned Tona’s body into a fine ash that started to blow away in the soft swirling breeze.

Manse and Stara watched as the breeze took their daughter away from them. Stara let out a sob and Manse comforted her by putting his arm around her.

Wincet and the others were silent. Izzie and Nellis held hands. Dallys leaned her head on Jace’s arm. Borne was still holding on to Barth.

When all of the ash was gone, Manse turned to them. He pulled a ornate dagger from under his tunic and walked up to Barth.

“Wait! I didn’t know he was going to kill her. Please!” Barth pleaded.

“You didn’t protect her either.” Manse plunged the dagger into Barth and twisted it.

Barth gasped and fell to the ground, choking on his blood until he died.

“Now she is avenged.” Manse stepped to Wincet. “What did you do to Helis?”

“I sent him to a planet where he will die a slow and painful death from radiation and starvation.” Wincet said. “I wanted him to suffer for taking the life of such a magnificent woman as Tona.”

Manse nodded. “Thank you. Thank you all for caring for our daughter. it is time for us to grieve in private.”

Wincet nodded. He turned and led the others back to the garden. He conjured the portal to send them back home. He watched as everyone stepped through but Jace.

“You sent him to Exalta?” Jace asked.

“Yes. He will suffer for a few days before the radiation or hunger kills him.” Wincet put his hand on Jace’s arm. “Should I have killed him quickly like Manse killed Barth?”

“No.” Jace shook his head. “Tona would have made Helis suffer if he had killed one of us.”

“I believe she would have.” Wincet patted Jace’s arm. “Let’s go home. We have to plan our next mission.”

Jace nodded and they both stepped through the portal to Centra.

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Dark Realms 10: Obligations
Word Count:
Brought to you by puzzleprompts

Nellis walked down the hall to his room he noticed that Jace had left his door open so he decided to stop and see if Jace wanted to play some cards. He knocked on the open door and smiled as Jace looked up from the bed where he was sitting.

“Hey Jace! Do you want to play some cards?” Nellis realized that Jace seemed out of sorts. “What’s up? You seem down.”

"It’s nothing.” Jace put something in his pocket. “I was just thinking about my mum.”

Nellis pulled over a chair. “You were close with your mum?”

“Yes. We were all each other had after my dad died. He was a police inspector like me. He died saving someone. I guess I wanted to be like him.”

“At least you knew who your dad was. My Mother hadn’t a clue. She was a bit of a free spirit, I think you would say. She had several boyfriends all at the same time and she liked to have a good time.” Nellis frowned and looked sad for a moment. “She was killed by one of her boyfriend’s in a jealous rage when I was in high school. Izzie was there for me. I think that’s when we started up.”

“My mum was a good woman. Never drank or had a lot of men friends. I was her world.” Jace smiled. “Dallys and I were talking about our homes recently. It got me thinking about her.”

“What did you put in your pocket when I came in?” Nellis asked. “Was it a picture of her? Can I see it?”

Jace reached into his pocket and brought out a ring. “No. It’s the family ring. Every first born son has put it on his bride’s finger on their wedding day for generations. She was the last to wear it.”

Nellis looked at it and shrugged. “So you give it to the one you bond with and follow tradition.”

“I can’t because she is going to marry someone else.” Jace sighed. “I never even got to tell her how I feel. I was stupid to think she would have any feelings for me.”

“I thought you said you didn’t leave anyone behind on Terra.” Nellis was starting to get worried about Jace.

“She was never on Earth.” Jace looked at the ring one last time then he shoved it in his pocket. “Now I can never tell her how I feel.”

Nellis realized who Jace was talking about. “Tona? You are in love with Tona. Are you out of your mind? She’s an elf and she’s a dangerous one at that.”

“I know that.” Jace pulled a pillow into his lap. “I’m so stupid.”

“I was going with crazy but I can get with that too.” Nellis sighed. “She‘s bringing her husband here after the wedding. Are you going to be okay with that?”

“I suppose I shall have to be.” Jace hugged the pillow. “Nellis, you can’t tell the others and especially not Izzie. All of the women here are close and they tell each other everything.”

“So I’ve noticed.” Nellis rubbed his chin. “Izzie never really had a lot of friends so I have no idea how that happened.”

“They’re women. It’s in their nature to travel in packs.” Jace shrugged.

Nellis frowned. “It doesn’t bode well for us, does it?”

“Not a bit.” Jace leaned his chin on the pillow. “I’m just going to hide out in here until she leaves.”

“Sounds like a firm plan.” Nellis looked toward the door. “But I think she has other ideas.”

“What?” Jace sat up and looked at the door.

“She’s coming. I better go.” Nellis smiled and left the room.

Jace looked in the mirror and checked his hair. “What is she coming down to this end of the hall for anyway?”

Tona knocked on the open door. “Jace, I wanted to speak to you before I go.  May I come in?”

“Of course.” Jace motioned to the chair Nellis had vacated. “Have a seat. What did you want to talk about?”

Tona sat down. “I wanted you to know that I’m going to be okay. I know you are worried about me going home and getting married to a stranger.” Tona hesitated then she decided to tell him the truth. “Jace, if I don’t marry Barth then my parents will be arrested for stealing. They kept the money from the marriage contract that they signed before I left. I’m doing this for them.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Jace asked. “Why not Wincet or Dallys?”

“I’ve already told Wincet and he tried to give me money to pay Barth off. I refused it because I have my own money. Besides, I tried to pay him off myself but he won’t take it.”  Tona hesitated. “I’m telling you this because I thought we were getting close and I didn’t want you to think that I didn’t care about you.”

Jace nodded. “I understand and I care for you too. I will do whatever you need me to do. Tona, if there is any way to get out of this for you, please try.”

Tona smiled. “I thought about killing Barth after I bring him here but you know how Wincet frowns on that sort of thing.”

Jace shook his head and sighed. “That’s true. He doesn’t like us killing people at all. It makes him rather cross.”

“I better go finish packing.” Tona looked at the door. “You can come back in, Nellis. I know you’re out there. I can hear you giggle. Izzie says he’s always been a sneak.”

“I am not a sneak.” Nellis peeked into the doorway. “Are you two going to kiss or something because I can just wait out here until you’re finished?”

“No need.” Tona stood up and went over to Jace. She gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Still friends?”

“Yes. Always.” Jace smiled.

“Good.” Tona turned to walk out. She punched Nellis on the arm. “Izzie just arrived and I am going to tell her that you were sneaking around in the hallway and eavesdropping.”

“She’ll probably just laugh.” Nellis rubbed his arm. He watched Tona go down the hall for a minute then came into Jace’s room. “That went well. I guess she wasn’t as clueless as you thought.”

“Shut up Nellis.” Jace pulled the pillow back into his lap and hugged it. “I want to be alone. Do you mind?”

“No. I should go find Izzie anyway.” Nellis got up and patted Jace on the shoulder. “Who knows maybe we’ll like this guy.”

Jace sighed and put his face in the pillow. “Go!”

“I’m just saying.” Nellis walked out of the room and closed the door. He headed down to the other end of the hallway where the women had their rooms.

Two hours later, Tona stepped through the portal onto Tolkarian. Barth was there waiting for her.

“You are Tona?” Barth asked.

“Yes. You must be Barth. My mother said you would be the one to greet me.” Tona smiled.

“Hmph!” Barth looked her up and down. “Your hair is too short and you are dressed like a man but I suppose you will do. Come. My parents are waiting to meet you.”

Tona rolled her eyes as soon as he turned and followed him into a well-kept garden. Her parents along with another older couple were sitting at a table in the middle of a courtyard.

Tona’s mother Stara smiled at her daughter. “There you are. I told them you would come.” She stood up as Tona approached and hugged her. She whispered in Tona’s ear. “You should have stayed where you were. We would have been alright.”

Tona pulled back and smiled. “It’s good to see you, Mother, and you, Father.”

Tona’s father, Manse stood up and hugged her. “You look well.”

“Really? Because she isn’t what I expected.” Barth said. “I waited all this time for a wife and I get a… a… whatever she is. She is not the way you described her during the negotiations.”

“That was many years ago. I am a warrior now.” Tona turned and looked at Barth. “It is a respectable vocation.”

“For a man but not for a woman.” The other man at the table spoke up. “She is not as you said. Our women are to serve us and make our homes not go to war.”

“Helis, we raised her to be independent and self-reliant.” Manse responded. “I did not force my child to be invisible to the world. I wanted her to find her place in it.”

“Well that will all change once we are married.” Barth gave Tona a dismissive look.

“Oh no! The agreement was that you come back with me to Centra. You will hold to it.” Tona stepped up to Barth.

“If I refuse?” Barth challenged her.

“Then I will leave and not come back.” Tona glared at him. “I have obligations on Centra that are more important than being your wife.”

“Nothing is more important than being my wife to you now.” Barth met her glare with one of his own. “You are mine and you will do as I say.”

Tona laughed. “I will do as I please unless; you wish to try to force me to do otherwise. In which case, I will have to make my point to you with one of my blades. It will be a very bloody discussion. You can be sure of that.”

Barth raised his hand to slap her and Tona grabbed it and twisted it behind him as she shoved him down on the table.

“Helis, this wasn’t a good idea.” Barth’s mother Patra pulled on her husband’s sleeve. “She is hurting him!”

“Silence!” Helis pushed away her hand. “He is a grown man. He must learn to handle his wife by himself.”

“Tona!” Manse grabbed her by the shoulder. “I think he sees the point. Now let him go.”

Tona released Barth and stepped back. “I pray that is so, Father. Maybe,he is beginning to regret not taking the currency I offered him.”

“I need a wife not more currency.” Barth straightened his clothes. “I will see you in the morning for the ritual.” He turned to Manse. “See that she is on time and properly attired.”

Barth’s parents walked with him out of the garden.

“That could have gone better.” Manse looked at his daughter. “If you must rough him up, please, do it in private from now on.”

Tona chuckled. “I will try, Father. I promise.”    

“Tona, you need to calm down. Barth is a very powerful man.” Stara warned her. “You should just do as he says and not be any trouble. You and I could see each other every day if you stayed here with him.”

"Mother, I would love to stay here with you and see you every day but I am part of something special.” Tona smiled gently at her mother. “We are called the Dark Army and we help people around the universe. It’s a noble calling and I won’t give it up to be some invisible slave to that buffoon.”

“You must watch your temper with him. He could have you beaten for not obeying him.” Manse warned her. That law is still on the books and no one seems in a rush to repeal it.”

“I would love to see him try it.” Tona said defiantly. “I would make him regret it.”

“Come inside I have the perfect gown for you to wear on your wedding day. I made it myself.”  Stara pulled Tona inside.

“Mother, all we do is light a candle and sign a piece of paper. It’s not more special than any other day.” Tona sighed in annoyance. “It’s not like we are royal and he wants the marriage bed witnessed because that will not be happening.”

“Tona, he will be your husband.” Stara looked shocked. “He will expect his rights.”

“He can expect them but that doesn’t mean he will get them.” Tona scowled.

“Humor your mother. Wear the dress.” Manse said as he followed them inside.

Tona looked over her shoulder at her father and sighed.

The next morning as the sun shone into the ancient temple Tona and Barth were married. It was quick and simple. The words were spoken by the priestess, a candle was lit, and the contract was signed.

Barth took Tona’s hand. “Now you must perform your duty to me. I expect you to be a willing participant in our first joining.”

“No!” Tona pulled her hand away from him. “I married you today and that is all you will be getting. If you want a release, go do it yourself.”

Barth’s parents looked shocked. Manse dipped his head down so that they wouldn’t see him smiling. Stara glanced around at the others nervously.

I will be leaving tomorrow at sunrise. I see no reason to stay the time that I had planned.” Tona told them all. She turned to Barth. “If you’re coming to Centra, be where the portal opened before. I’m going to spend some time with my parents before I leave.” She put her arm around her mother and steered her out of the temple. “Come along mother. Tell me all about your garden this year.”

Manse glance at them then turned to Barth. “If I were you I wouldn’t bother to show up. My daughter hasn’t been knitting for the last few years. She has been working as a mercenary. If you anger her she might just kill you. If she doesn’t then her friends just might on her behalf.” Manse left the temple and caught up with Tona and his wife.

Barth stood there not sure of what to do until Helis grabbed him by the arm.

“Go get your wife and make her submit.” Helis pushed him towards the door. “She obviously needs to be taught her place.”

“I know you’re right, Father, but I really don’t want make things worse.” Barth said. “Let her calm down tonight. I will wait until the morning to show her who is in control. She won’t be leaving this world any time soon.”

The next morning Tona went to where the portal opened and looked around. “Please see me, Wincet. I know you’re watching. I want to come back now.”

The portal opened and Tona was about to step through when Barth walked up.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Barth folded his arms across his chest. “You are my wife and you are going to stay here by my side and fulfil your duties to me from this moment on.”

Tona looked at the portal then at Barth. “Fine! You want me to be by your side then I shall be.” Tona grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to the portal. “But we will be on living on Centra, not here.” Tona shoved Barth through the portal then stepped through.

On Centra, it was a cold snowy winter night. The stars were hidden by the snow clouds and there was a brisk breeze.
Wincet has been standing on the travelers bridge waiting for Tona when Barth landed face down in the snow at his feet.

Tona pointed at Barth. “Wincet that excuse for an elf is my husband. Would you mind terribly if I asked you to turn him into something that I can squish under my heel?”

Wincet scowled. “That bad?”

“Worse. He’s going to need his own room because he sure as hell isn’t staying in mine. I believe there may be room in the shed next to Nellis’ motorcycle.” Tona walked down the Traveler’s Bridge to the living quarters.

Barth looked up at the sorcerer. “Who are you?”

Wincet reached down and pulled the elf to his feet. “I am Wincet. I command the Dark Army. You are Barth?”

“Yes.” Barth brushed the snow off his clothes.

“Hmph!” Wincet looked him up and down. “You’re not at all what I expected Tona’s husband to be. You’re not even used to working with your hands it seems. They’re soft and not calloused. That will change soon enough. We all share the upkeep of this place.” Wincet started to walk away. “Follow me. There is a room next to Borne’s you can take until your wife says otherwise.”

“My wife and I require a private suite of rooms.” Barth said as he followed the sorcerer.

Wincet laughed and kept walking.

“I don’t understand. What is so humorous about that?” Barth frowned and started walking.

“I wouldn’t want to be alone with her when she’s in the state she’s in.” Wincet laughed again. “You might just wake up dead.”

Barth blinked and shook his head. “She is my wife and she will do as she is told.”

Wincet looked over his shoulder and shook his head. He stopped and looked at Barth with pity in his eyes. “I can’t even get her to do what I tell her to do sometimes and she likes me. You have no idea of what she is capable of, do you?”

“Cooking. Cleaning. Laundry.” Barth shrugged.

“Fighting, killing, and bomb making is more like it.” Wincet started walking again. “However, you will be expected to help with the cooking and cleaning now that you live here. We all do our own laundry.”

When Wincet and Barth walked into the common room, everyone was waiting for them. They were all standing aggressively with intimidating looks on their faces.

“So this is the husband?” Nellis squinted at Barth. “He’s short. He looks more like an imp than an elf. Can you spin straw into gold like the story Jace told us one night? Jace says that all imps can do that. Are you sure your name isn’t Rumpelstiltskin?”

Izzie buried her face in Nellis’ arm to keep from laughing.

“Borne show him to the room next to yours. He can stay there for now.” Wincet looked at Tona and winked.

“I thought I said to put him in the shed.” Tona pulled her dagger out of her boot and looked at it.

“Oh no! Not with my motorcycle! She deserves a better roommate than him.” Nellis pointed at Barth. “He looks a little hinky to me. What do you think Jace?”

“Tona doesn’t seem to like him.” Jace frowned. “Maybe he is a little hinky as you say. He looks like his mummy pampered him. Wouldn’t you agree, Borne?”

Borne nodded. “He shows no signs of manual labor. There are no callouses on his hands and his posture is not stooped or altered in any way.”

“Well, she can’t kill him. We don’t have any space in the garden to bury him. The turnips would taste off.” Dallys sighed. “Izzie?”

“Wincet could send his body into space through a portal. That would solve that problem.” Izzie grinned.

Tona put her dagger back in her boot. “He can live as long as he stops being an ass. Besides we could use a housekeeper and cook.”

“Has everyone finished?” Wincet asked. “There is something that I need you all to do. Isadora, we will need you as well. Borne, show him to his room then come back for the briefing. After you settle in Barth, we could use some sandwiches.”

“Welcome home, husband.” Tona smirked.

Borne grabbed Barth by the arm and led him down to the men’s end of the hallway in the living quarters.

“Why are you all against me?” Barth asked.

“Tona is well respected.” Borne told him. “We will not allow her to be treated the way you expect to treat her. It would be best if you kept quiet and let us do our work.”

“You mean act like some invisible servant?” Barth was stunned at the thought.

“Yes.” Borne stopped in front of a door and opened it. “This is your room.” He walked off leaving Barth standing there speechless.

In the common room, everyone looked at Tona with sympathy.

Wincet reached out and put his arm around her shoulders. “Are you alright my dear?”

“No. Maybe.” Tona shook her head. “I thought I could deal with a demon like him but I was wrong, oh so wrong. It’s like he has his hands gripping my soul and they’re only going to get tighter until he leaves or I kill him.”

“We are all here for you.” Jace said. “We are all your friends.”

“Thank you.” Tona smiled at them all. “That means everything to me. Let’s hear about the mission, Wincet.”

Wincet nodded and started to lay out the plan for the next mission.

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NaNoWriMo 2016 Final thoughts
Final Validation: 51017

Casualty (Arrow), Dark Realms #2, Dark Realms #10, Dark Realms #11, Dark Realms Short #2, Nanotide #1, Nanotide #2, Nanotide  #3, Nanotide  #4, Nanotide #5, Nanotide #6, Nanotide #7, Nanotide #8, Nanotide #9, Nanotide #10, Nanotide #11, Nanotide #12, Nanotide #13, Nanotide #15, Nanotide #16 Nanotide #17, Nanotide #18, Blog post

Worked on but not finished:
The Mountain (Arrow), Edge of Swords (OD)

My goal this year was to finish the pile or at least make a dent in it. I don’t think I accomplished that goal. I did finish a few things but mostly I played catch up with my monthly work.

I never realized how much I write on a weekly/monthly basis. I thought that I was pulling back on obligations but it doesn’t seem like that true. Most of the words for NaNoWriMo were things that I do on a regular basis.

I did four Camelot Drabble prompts, Dove Drabble prompt, four Beat the Black Dog prompts, November Puzzle Prompts using Dark Realms, two land community challenges, and a one shot for Round Table Minutes

Do you see the problem here?

Only two of these communities allow original fiction. That means I still wrote more fan fiction than I was hoping to do.  

So what is the solution?

I have no idea. I love writing Merlin and Arrow and all the other fandoms but I need to start focusing on my stories more. I need to make them a priority not an afterthought.

My worlds matter too! That is what NaNoWriMo is about, finding our own worlds and telling their stories. 

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Through the years many women have had to fight to enter the world of science and technology. It has been a field dominated by men with only a few exceptions.

When you think about it, it seems odd to exclude women from a field they are already in. women have been the one to cook and clean and care for children since the beginning of time. All three of these takes a knowledge of science.

Cleaning uses substances such as chemicals to dissolve other substances. It requires a general knowledge of chemistry. Knowing what dissolves what stain is key. Also knowing what chemicals not to combine is part of that as well.

Cooking also requires an understanding of chemistry as well. Adding together ingredients and heating foods to change them is what cooking is about. To change one thing into something else is the heart of what cooking is. Just as a scientist adds chemicals together to make new chemicals so does a woman who cooks for her family.

The woman that cares for her children and family has a basic knowledge of biology and medicine. Knowing what cures a fever or what medicine to put on a cut is part of being a caretaker. Women also know when the problem can’t be solved using the family medicine cabinet or first aid kit. When a tummy ache is more than a tummy ache or knowing that a bone is broken is part of biology and anatomy. 

So why should we exclude girls and ultimately women from being in the sciences when they are already there. It seems silly doesn’t it?
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Linda walked into the house and sniffed the air. There was a distinct smell of food cooking. “Frank? Are you here?”

“I’m in the kitchen.” Frank called out.

“Good because I don’t think burglars cook when they break in.” Linda put her bag on the hall table and took off her heels. She padded to the kitchen then stood there in shock.

Frank turned with a smile on his face that faded when he saw Linda’s. “I’m going to clean it up.”

There were pots pans and bowls all over the counter. There was flour on the floor and something dripping off the edge of the island. Two egg shells had just missed the trash can in the corner.

“Oh god! I need wine.” Linda pointed her finger at him. “This better be cleaned up before you go to bed. What did you do? Did use every pot and mixing bowl I have?”

“I think there may be a bowl or two in the cabinet.” Frank sighed. “You’re going to love what I made. Go sit in the living room and I will bring you wine.”

Linda went to sit down and Frank brought her a glass of red wine.

“Dinner is almost ready.” Frank gave her a kiss on the cheek and went back into the kitchen.

Linda took a drink from the wine glass and sighed. It had been the longest week and she was finally free for the next two days.

Frank came back ten minutes later and took the glass from her. “Come sit at the table and eat.”

“Just bring it here and give me back my wine.” Linda said as she reached for the glass.

“Come get it.” Frank said as he walked to the dining room.

Linda sighed and got up. She was relieved when she saw the room wasn’t a mess like the kitchen.

The table in the dining room was set and the candles were lit. It was very romantic.

“Sit down and I will bring the plates.” Frank put the glass at her chair and went into the kitchen.

Linda sat down and waited.

Frank came back with two plates of beef stroganoff and steamed asparagus. He sat the plates on the table and sat down. “Surprised?”

“Stunned. I didn’t know you could cook.” Linda took a taste of the stroganoff. She was surprised how good it was. “Where did you learn to make this?”

“It’s my grandmother’s recipe.” Frank smiled. “I just wanted to share it with you.” He slid a small black box across the table. “Hopefully, I will be cooking for you a lot more when we are married.”

Linda put down her fork and opened the box. The diamond was small but the ring was beautiful. “Yes you will.”     
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My dearest Twyla,
You were my child for a brief time. I was devastated when you left me so suddenly. What made it worse was when I was told that there was something that could have prevented your loss and kept you from suffering.

Even though I loved you with all my heart, I was not the best mother to you. I regret not being more vigilant in my care of you. I should have known you were ill and I should have gotten you the care you needed.

You were brave to let me into your heart. I was so shocked when you took to me right away. I held you close to my heart and you became a part of it.

You were strong. Even in sickness, you gave me love. You were sick for most of your life and that should have never been allowed to happen. I should have never let that happen.

You were good girl and I couldn’t have asked for a better child. You made me smile even when you were doing something you knew was naughty. Your sweetness was you best quality. It’s what I will always remember about you.  

You mattered. Your life was precious just as every life is precious. You mattered because you loved and you were loved. You mattered to me, your sister, and your brothers.

I know this will not bring you back as you were but I had to get it off my chest. You are with the goddess in her temple now. It is an honor bestowed on the familiars of witches and their like.

I will see you in the eyes of another someday and I promise to be a better mother to you when that time comes.
Love, Your Mama
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The ivy clings to the ancient red brick walls. Three grand facades adorn the front of the building. Great windows arch up in height along the outer walls. Stone steps lead up to its heavy oak door.

Great halls and large room await those who enter. The purpose is unknown but the feel is regal almost royal.

Its lawns are littered with trees and shrubs. They are large and could host many types of events.  

Is it a place of learning? Perhaps it’s a manor house of a duke or an earl. One does not know its true purpose without stepping inside.       
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It was the height of summer and the bees were buzzing all around the flowers in the garden. They flew from flower to flower singing as they went about their work.

The birds congregated in the trees and spred their gossip as they tweeted to each other. Many different voices chimed in. One wonders if they understand each other’s language at a time like that.

Then suddenly one lone June bug flew through it all. His distinctive hum caused the birds to stop their gossiping for just a moment. Some were annoyed at the interruption but others were considering him as a meal. He flew off unaware or not of how close he came to being lunch.

The birds went back to their gossiping and the bees continued to sing through their work.

Summer is always a busy time for the little creatures in the world.

9. River

Dec. 2nd, 2016 10:36 am
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The river called
Help me! Save me!
No one listened

The river cried
Please! I’m dying!
No one cared

The river screamed
The river died
Then we died.
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Fan Fiction Posting News:
Magick, Destiny and Doom (Camelot Drabble Series Canon Era) posts on Wednesdays.

The Thin Veil (Camelot Drabble Suspense Month Fic Victorian Era) last chapter will post on Wednesday 2 Nov.

Dove 50 was Personal Time (ST:TNG Picard/Vash)

Round Table Minutes:
Historical Reference (Merlin Arthur/Gwen)

From the Land Communites:
The Cabin by the Lake (Arrow Oliver/Felicity)
What's Broken (Arrow Oliver/Felicity)

Original Fiction Posting News:
Casualties of War (Part 3)(Ogham-Duir)
Casualties of War (Part 4)(Ogham-Duir)

Dark Realms (Brought to you by puzzleprompts)
Dark Realms 8: Sanctuary of Stone (Part 1)
Dark Realms 9: Sanctuary of Stone (Part 2)

Booksie/BooksieSilk (Faerie1990)
Coffee for Two

From The Pile for NaNoWriMo 2016:
Dark Realms 2: Pieces of the Whole
Dark Realms Short 2: Power Shortage
Casualty (Arrow Oliver/Felicity)
Nanotide Notebook (Posting Soon)

Community News:
Get Your Words Out November Reporting Number:
NaNoWriMo Validation:
Livejournal and Dreamwidth master lists have been updated.
Merlin Archive on has been updated.
One month away from the Mega Masterlist of Fan Fiction for 2016
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NaNoWriMo 2016 Week 4
Word Count: 48334
Finished: Dark Realms #10, Dark Realms #11, Nanotide #9, Nanotide #11, Nanotide #12, Nanotide #15, Nanotide #17, Nanotide #18

My word count wasn’t great this week either. I lost a word war which makes it worse. It seems like I get to the end and fizzle. I’m so close at this point that I won’t give up. I need to keep pushing to reach my goal.

I now have less than 2K and I need to finish. Not just to win but for me. I need to prove to myself that I can do this. I bombed out so badly last year that it shook my confidence. 

On a positive note, I finished a lot of small things and two things for next month. Dark Realms is done for the year. I wish I could say the same for some of my other projects but I still have a month to finish up what I can before the New Year.

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Take a sip of life
A taste of the primordial ooze
We all came from it
We will return to it.
Someday we will be sip.
The life that is tasted
Everything in cycles
Everything in its own time
So take a sip of life
Taste it, savor it, then live it. 


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